Greater Kailash

If you would want to have the worst and most insulting customer experience of your life, please visit this place where the staff is completely out of tune with each other, there is a constant blame game amongst departments, and the worst of all...the owner BHARAT KHOSLA who is the epitome of all a child friendly play area should not be. To share our experience in detail...a few friends decided to take our kids to this play area that we have visited before as well for parties. We all entered separately and 3/5 of us were told that the cafe would be closed from 1.30-2.30, nowhere implying that we could not sit at the cafe during that time. A natural assumption that the service would not be available during that time was reinforced by the waiter pressuring us into ordering within 5 minutes. However all we were told was that they wouldn't be taking orders, not that we couldn't sit there.

When two out of the many dishes we ordered came in at 1.20, at 1.25 we were told to wrap up in 5 minutes and when we told them that we had paid up for two hours, an arrogant and rude person (Bharat Khosla) came up and said that they had written everywhere that the cafe would be closed. Not only was his tone authoritative and rude, but also completely defensive when told we were unaware that we weren't "allowed" to sit there.

In fact he went out of his way to try and prove us wrong, rather than request us to vacate the space. When my friend tried giving him feedback, he said "I will give you feedback too that you are lying coz I'm the OWNER not some general manager".

I wonder in which planet is this level of customer DISSERVICE and disrespect acceptable? Short of being physically thrown out, not only did we feel insulted but also threatened especially since my 6 month old son was drinking milk sitting in my lap while Mr. Bharat Khosla and the front desk lady Bhavna were busy blaming and shouting at us.

We are still shocked by the insults and will definitely never visit this place again. Let's see whether the staff at funky munchkins understands that the illusion created by this seeming monopoly that has lasted them 7 or 8 months could not take long to collapse!!!

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