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While going through tough patches in your life you often seek answers,

What is happening? Why Me? Will these problems ever get solved?

You get a lot of support from your loved ones and advice from your peers but the direction where to head and how to solve your problems still stays intact. You still yearn and seek the answer of why me?

During one such phase of my life while restlessly seeking answers to my inner turmoil I stumbled upon the profile of Mr. Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya – India’s Most Trusted Expert In Numerology.

At first it came across as yet another advertisement. Hard to convince side of me told to completely ignore it. But as I started browsing through his website something within me strike a chord. I wanted to give it a shot.

Even while I stepped inside his office I was quite skeptical. We started our conversation.

Something was thoroughly unique about the aura of his office and his presence, such that I pour my entire heart out. I did not inhibit, neither reframed, just kept on pouring. And he listened like a patient yet determined father. Once complete, he picked up pieces from my past to re-check my timeline and each phase he enquired was correct. When I looked thoroughly convinced and was ready to listen to him with an open heart, he started.

He explained me why I am facing my current circumstances, how did I land here, where did I go wrong and how can I rectify my future path. He helped me in understanding why I like certain things and excel in some situations while other situations do not turn in my favor. He patiently clarified every doubt I had.

He suggested my name correction. I instantly agreed. He rectified my name and asked me to ensure usage of the same going forward. He emphasized on the fact that just updating digital id’s and accounts won’t help. I would be required to update my official documents, as well. Made complete sense as they are used as my id proves, they indeed are my identity.

He also kept my expectations clear at every step. No changes suggested in this room and implemented within a week will instantly yield results. He quoted “even post conceiving a baby takes 9 months to be born”, hence have patience. He is a strong believer of “The Secret” and suggests it’s critical to have positive thoughts, complete trust and little patience as it attracts more of the same.

Post name correction, he suggested me a gemstone as well. Skeptical side of me re-activated. Is this to extract money as the stone was quite expensive. Reading our thoughts even before I spoke, he clarified that it’s just a suggestion, not a mandate. Name correction will still work but the outcome will speed up in case I wear the stone. He gave me time to think about it and I finally made the decision post a week. I wore the store as suggested by him.

4 months post name correction and wearing the gemstone, the troubles of my life starting fading off. I either did not get into tough situations or solutions started popping out in front of me whenever I got stuck.

This is how I met Mr. Shandilya who not only changed my name and impacted by life but also helped me in answering the most basic question that I often wondered, Why Me?

please provide me your phone no on 8478913308 . i ant some serious talk

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