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It's funny, but some life periods are very similar for many, for example, after the birth of a baby. This is especially true of the first year of life of a child.

Moms are involuntarily lost and forget about themselves, and I don’t see anything strange here, it would be strange if on the contrary))

So I would like to raise such a topic, in what ways we can change our style, under certain circumstances, such as gaining weight, changing attitudes, I just wanted to change the wardrobe and the like.

I hope it will be fun)) Read on))

Everyone has a time when we must change our style. And remember, it’s not necessary to throw everything away and buy something new, sometimes all you need is one change to radically change your wardrobe ..

1. Let's be chubby!))

You can change your wardrobe simply, add a few bright

Color or print options. This does not say at all about the ridiculous bad taste that does not suit you. Instead, I suggest that you think about the items that you use more than an accessory - a scarf or bracelet, bag, headpiece.

A little zest or a pair of patterned tights with a subtle shade will be quite enough. The print can be flirty and subtle. In any case, you need to try.

2. Explain it!

If your clothes do not sit on you as before, because you have lost weight or vice versa. But there is no way to change the entire wardrobe. Your salvation will again be a trifle. A belt, belt, scarf that can be beautifully tied around the neckline or tied at the waist.

Such details perfectly emphasize and remarkably hide everything that is needed and when it is needed. You just need to experiment with the nodes and try to decoratively tie yourself.

3. Silver, gold, jewelry.

Well, we always wore rings! What happened and why now it has become only a festive decoration. All nonsense, we wear everything!))) Rings, bracelets, pendants of different sizes and from a variety of metal. The main thing is to choose to your wardrobe. Feel free to express yourself.

4. Boots

Certainly this is still a seasonal moment, but we will definitely talk about it.

Already there is no such thing that if the shoes mean for the parade, if the dress is for the ball, respectively, the boots means cold.

Absolutely not. We choose a boot with an open toe and perfectly combine it with a sundress, even from thin material. Shorts and a T-shirt will look great with cowboy boots. In general, your imagination can already walk here, the main thing is comfort. And not outdated views that it is not so worn.

5. Lipstick.

I agree with many here, it’s not convenient, I don’t like it, I prefer gloss and the like.

But! Girls makeup should be. This carcass or lip balm with a touch of your color. Blush only for freshness. And you're done!

But it must be! We get used to it. There will be time when you realize that without it there is no way.

6. Finance

If you understand this, then why, then many people begin to think with age, the more expensive, the better.

Oh, how I disagree with you. Why? Why do you think so.

With such judgments you only complicate your life.

Like, fits, go and buy. Leather or a substitute, it is not at all a problem related and replaced.

7. Tights

Let's go back to the little things. Here we wear these beige and black and only the density changes according to the season, but the light and everything else remains. Why?

I repeat, but I will say it for sure! We are experimenting.

8. Do you have skin on you?)))

Stop! I'm not saying that everyone quickly went and bought a woman-cat costume.

But something from her wardrobe should be! For you, for the husband, or for you and the husband)))

In general, here you will understand, but it looks very interesting on absolutely any figure, just choose the right element. If the figure does not allow you to wear leggings, then you can easily wear a leather ornament on the neck.

9. What are we sitting at?

We go to the wardrobe to my husband)))

He will definitely find a jumper that we unsuccessfully washed in a typewriter at high temperature or revolutions, he became small for him. Then for you it will be just right.

Shirts, God, how many have he got? Why so many. It is urgent to dilute the ranks. And for us it fits perfectly under the belt at the waist))

10. Can we sew?

The easiest way to change existing clothes to a new style? Tailors were, are and will be. We forgot a little about them. Or they forgot about their typewriter, which they so begged for from their husband, and safely filled it with trash in the basement.

In general, some of these methods may seem silly or inappropriate to you. But worth a try.

Or at least download the app, there you can definitely download an idea generator for yourself. Which selects clothes according to color, shape, and other criteria. Moreover, he can even determine your location, notify about discounts in stores that are interesting. This application is a godsend for those who are in a bind. In fact, there is always a way out! You need to look for it a bit.

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