Its a perfect place to visit if you have children.. want to show around Delhi to friends/family. . Its wide lawns are a perfect stop for the kids to play. we saw many children playing hide and seek, they were running and also playing ball with their parents... if its pleasant, you can visit any time.. but during peak summers, it may be difficult with sun beating down.. The ruins offer alleys and other secret passages for tourists to explore. For people who like to indulge in photography, the worn out walls offer an interesting subject. Moreover, the fort looks mesmerizing during sunset and sunrise. The fort overlooks a wide pond which is home to many birds and various sorts of flowers. Though the pond is unkempt yet the beauty of nature cannot go unnoticed. we spent almost 2-3 hrs here and we could not help but notice the number of college students who were playing basket ball, sitting together and singing and couples who were oblivious to the world around them ... all in all a good experience. we had a memorable photo session with our cousins also :)

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