Taking out kids for lunch or dinner is quite a tedious one, considering a hyperactive toddler like mine. Frankly, we think twice before we decide to eat out because it is very difficult to make my daughter sit in one place. However, we started using the high chair, but now that she can roam around, she refuses to sit after some time. So, we always have to keep an eye on her or keep her engaged. Among most of the restaurants, we have been to with her, CPK was feasible because of the sofa cum seat kind of a seating arrangement. Actually, we took her there a year back and she sat peacefully on the high chair, enjoying her food. Gradually, she wanted to come out. But, with this kind of a seating (both sitting and standing) and that too with high edges (which also prevents falling), she is actually trapped inside (which is good in a way) and tries to play there itself. Moreover, they give children a kid set, which has colouring book, an activity book and pastels, etc., which can be used to keep the kid engaged. They are quick in their service and if you like that kind of a cuisine, CPK isn’t a bad choice. My daughter liked the thin crust pizza there. Thpugh, I have never tried, but they also have a kids menu, which seemed sufficient and looked tasty. They inquired from time to time if we needed something. CPK, Indiranagar is a kid-friendly place and reasonable too, and we do consider it every time we have to take our daughter out for dinner, among other options. Try it out.

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