The Bumble Bee Studio is an excellent place for kids to explore different areas of interest. The studio focuses on helping a child explore different intelligences – Kinesthetic, musical and linguistic. I was particularly impressed by the variety of activities focusing on all these areas. You will find regular play attractions such as a slide, tiny bikes and cars as well as unconventional setups such as castles (with tiny staircases), a kitchen area and a basket of interesting hats to muse oneself. The outdoor section has a trampoline of an average size, a sand pit and a water sprinkler area, all well spaced out. The studio is well-kept – clean washrooms that cater to kids (not just adults!) and well maintained toys. The reading niche is one that cannot be missed. They have a wide range of books that cater to different ages and tiny beanbags that make kids WANT to sit down and read. Of course, the funky bookshelf does the trick to attract kids to it (have a look at the picture to see what I mean).

You’ll find a small café ‘Big Straw Bistro’ at one end of the studio to help parents and kids take timeout and enjoy a clear blue sky. The café has a range of quick, delicious snacks and bubble tea. Big Straw cafe is a chain that serves yummy Bubble Tea, Smoothies, Ice Teas, Fizzys, Ice Cream Sodas and a lot more. Unfortunately, I found that kids had to be under parent supervision at the play area at all times and helpers are instructed not to watch the kids. This obviously didn’t provide me with much time to enjoy the cafe since I was busy handling my little one.

The studio organizes numerous activities on a weekly basis. They have an up-to-date website that gives this information. All this said, I think the studio is a well laid out, fun place that succeeds in tickling the curiosity of our energetic young kids. It’s definitely money well spent and time well spent!

Areas of improvement – The studio staff is very nonchalant. They seem to mainly focus their attention on those kids and parents who hold a membership at the studio. Staff is the first point of contact to ensure a moment of magic for the customer; an improvement in this area will definitely give the Bumble Bee Studio an edge over other similar places.

Go ahead!.. make your way to The Bumble Studio and enjoy its fantastic ambience.

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