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The most common complaint I listen to is " I don't have time to pursue this program/course/skill/qualification/opportunity as the whole day goes in managing home and kids".

Agreed. We all have different lives and let's build routines around them.

1. Use machines. Choppers, kneaders, food processors, dishwashers, Robomops are all quite helpful in maintaining home while in a nuclear family set up. We have no additional support systems so machines are highly reliable.

Energy, Time and Health.

Our day depends on them. To save these precious resources we need to

2. Sacrifice Binge watching and Binge eating

3. Forget TV and movies for a while. You will soon see they make no difference. Once goal is achieved we have ample time for the same. Till then be merciless.

4. Unnecessary usage of chatting and social media Apps. As upskilling moms every moment of freetime is precious. Apps consume our focus and time. Mindless watching of "satisfying" reels is to be avoided.

5. Examine your social circles. Are people demeaning the importance of goals, empowerment and education of women ? Are they knowingly or otherwise discouraging you ? Don't discuss plans with them. Spouse included. None is extra special to deserve a right to demean us.

6. Start with half an hour a day. Small and consistent steps to success. If you study something before sleeping, wake up half an hour early to revise the same.

7. Don't ever forget that what is achieved by you is much more happier than things shared by others. Accomplishments are personal. The first success will definitely motivate you for more.

8. Luck is preparing for an opportunity. Even if there's nothing in the vicinity keep preparing.

Happy Independence Day in advance. Let's contribute to the nation's growth !