First of all Happy Navratri to everyone.

I just wanted to share something on this day, so since I was pregnant I always wanted a baby girl (that doesn't mean I don't love ❤😘my son)

but everyone else was upset with my wish specially my parents and in-laws.

I was surprised as they call themselves liberal and still into this girl boy thing.

Days passed and god gifted me a boy , everyone was obviously happy as it is a boy (khandhan ka vansh) including me but everyone who visited said one thing which hit me hard "Chal ab ladka hogaya so no tension agla bachha na bhi kare ya ladki bhi ho to no problem" I was shocked 😲🙄🙄.

Like all my parents, in-laws and most of the relatives are pretty literate n there thinking is still the same old. We stay in so called urban cities, call ourselves modern, talk about woman education and empowerment but when it comes to family always prefer boys.

We worship goddess for nine days with all our heart but birth of daughter's still don't make people happy. Strange but true.

We want nine girls for kanjak Pooja but still we celebrate Lohri (Punjabi festival) only when son is born.

I have a cute son but still I feel my family is incomplete. So,on this occasion of Navratri, I pray to Maa Durga that please bless me with a daughter who can tomorrow turn into a strong woman. 🙂🙂🙂
#navratritrivia #daughtersareblessings