Do you know that your greatest weakness could turn into your greatest strength?


Sometimes every thing seems to entangle and present itself in form of your deepest fears, insecurities, and self doubt. You feel crushed as you get sunk deep into pessimism.


But the greatest win for me is my little boy who never fails to spread his infectious positivity. The sparkle in his eyes makes me stronger, braver, and allows me to believe in myself and recognize my true potential.


How many times have you turned to your children and wondered how you would have been a completely different person had they not been there for you ❤️


They are your weakness and yet they are also your greatest source of strength 💪.

.Life is beautiful, but what's even more surreal is the unwavering faith that things are turning better. And it's possible because this small kid refuses to give up on me. Every single time. He never backs down and teaches me some extremely important life lessons that are difficult to learn otherwise. As I teach him life skills he becomes my teacher to show me the beauty that can be found in the smallest of things. Be it looking at the rustling leaves, the ripples in the glass tumbler, or the sound of the ocean when you hold an empty glass to your ears. It's magical, mesmerizing, and beyond comprehension.


Is your weakness also your strength? Have you flt empowered? Did you feel you have it all together because of these loving souls? Have you felt something similar? Do share your views I would love to know in comments


Until then,



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