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Salons for Kids in Mumbai Ask any mom who has taken her kid for a haircut and she’ll tell you how harrowing an experience it is. From resisting to getting into the chair to the final styling, each child has their unique fancies when it comes to getting a haircut. Why kids salon? Right from snipping to styling a kids salon is a blessing for moms who aren’t as artistic. Here are a few things you would like to consider before deciding if you want to take your child to a regular salon or to a children’s salon in Mumbai. Benefits of taking your kids to a regular salon It’s your comfort zone. You know the place and maybe even the hair stylists. A regular salon may be reasonably priced than a children’s salon. You and your tot can get a haircut together. That being said, here are benefits of taking your child to a kids only salon It is child friendly. A salon for kids will cater to only children No mishaps - hopefully! Stylists at a kids salon are used to screaming, crying kids so they are more careful while snipping away. Child friendly distractions. From cartoons to toys to child friendly trinkets can keep those squirmy little ones in place. How to prepare your child for a salon? To ease your child’s fears about this new event, here are few tips to consider. #1: Tell them what’s going to happen: Knowing what to expect will help your child better prepare himself. #2: Pick a good time of the day: It will be a better experience if you go according to the child’s routine. Maybe after a nap or a snack. #3:Let there be entertainment: Right from books, to television choose a place that has lots of room for distraction. #4: Ask for an experienced stylist: Not all stylists are comfortable handling a squirming child doesn’t follow directions #5: Finally...praise your child: Treat your kid with an unscheduled trip to the icecream parlour and make the visit to a salon a celebratory experience. Visit BabyChakra to decide on which kids salon in Mumbai is best suited for your little munchkin.