10 heart warming ultrasound confessions

10 heart warming ultrasound confessions

18 May 2022 | 6 min Read


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With bittersweet experiences, pregnancy is quite an overwhelming time. What is even more overwhelming, and in a good way, is the first time when the soon-to-be mommies get to have the first peek into what their bodies are brewing. Here are some honey-coated experiences of first-time moms on how they felt when they first had their ultrasound screening.

1. Nandita

Nandita says that she was not really feeling the pregnancy and all its excitement that she was supposed to feel. Morning sickness hardly happened and everything was as usual as it was before conceiving the baby. “But when I finally got to get the ultrasound scan done and looked at the monitor beside me at the doctor’s, I was thrilled! I did not have words and it felt so dreamy to be true”, chirps Nandita. In her words, she can never forget that moment when she first had a glimpse of her baby’s image.

2. Rachel

“When I was shown the picture of my baby for the first time on that machine thingy, I was overjoyed. I could hardly make out what that shape was because it was so tiny and still developing. But, just the thought that it was going to be my baby left me teary-eyed. As soon as we got home with the hard copies of those pictures I was just all around the place showing them to everyone in the family and being so silly.”

3. Freddie

“After I got to know that I was pregnant, I sort of got obsessed with all this. I began to read all about pregnancy on the internet, in books and whatever I could find. Reading about the process and actually going through it seemed all magical. The idea that I was carrying a life inside me was so blissful. And then, finally the day of the ultrasound came by. I had read about it a lot too and was very eagerly looking forward to it.” Freddie says that even though she knew what to expect from the first ultrasound test, and despite the unclear black and white image, she was over the board thrilled to look at the tiny umbilical cord that connected her with her baby.

4. Anam

Anam says she went with her husband to the ob-gyn’s for the first ultrasound of her first pregnancy. She was extremely happy to finally look on the screen and see her baby. She says, “As I turned towards my husband to show him the cord, I just couldn’t speak but look at him with a weird smile. He was crying out of joy and could not contain his emotions as he realised he was going to be a dad in a matter of months.”

5. Myriyam

Myriyam went to get her first ultrasound scan done on her own for her boyfriend had to rush out of town because of his job. But they used technology to their advantage and actually watched the first image of their baby together as Myriyam connected with him on Skype. She says that both of them were so glad to see the picture of their baby that they smiled at cried all through the video call and hardly spoke at all.

6. Sarah

“I had discovered that I was pregnant at home and did not tell my husband about it. Then finally when I got the first ultrasound done, I got the picture and wrapped it up as the Christmas present for him. At first, it did not strike him what it really was, but when he understood, he sat there for I don’t know how long embracing me and making some really stupid noises. Haha, I had never seen him so happy”.

7. Vanessa

“My boyfriend’s mother was so excited by the news of my pregnancy that she could not hold her back and came over as soon as the pictures of my first ultrasound came out. She was so delighted she was going to become a granny that when she held the pictures in her hand, she began singing something that sounded like a lullaby or nursery rhyme. That was one of the happiest days for our family.”

8. Bethany

Bethany says when she first realized that she was pregnant, she was quite scared and sceptical about the entire matter. She had not had a talk with her husband about managing things and handling their life after a baby. But they realized maybe it was time they tried to work things out as both of them had pretty stable careers. However, she still was secretly scared. When Bethany made an appointment for the first ultrasound screening, things changed. In her own words, “I had been quite scared and worried about pregnancy this whole time, but the moment I saw my baby and the cord and some tiny little shapes inside me, I felt very different, very happy. That was the point of time when I realised that it indeed was a good decision.”

9. Jennifer

The first time Jennifer got pregnant, she had a miscarriage. That made her very low and depressed. The second time she conceived, she confesses that she was extremely scared and did want the baby so much. Because of her past traumatic experience, she just could not be herself and a fear always loomed on her head. But the day she had her first ultrasound done, she was so happy that her worries just melted down. In her words, “I felt so lucky and had goosebumps when the technician showed me the picture of my baby. It was so hopeful for me that I felt nothing could go wrong. I will never forget that day.”

10. Lily

“I and my girlfriend had been together for a quite while when we made the decision to have a baby. We opted for AI rather than adopting a kid because we wanted to go through this phase too. It was not an easy decision as my family did not support me either. But when we went for the ultrasound for the first time, we were so overjoyed that we could not help but cry. That image of our baby was so beautiful that it gave us new hope and revived our courage.”



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