10 Husbands Reveal The Questions About Women Theyre Dying To Know

10 Husbands Reveal The Questions About Women Theyre Dying To Know

1 Jul 2022 | 6 min Read


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You can’t forget the saying “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.” This perfectly sums it up, Women and men are just wired to function differently, so much so that we may not understand the functioning of the other sex. It is for this reason that husbands have found themselves confuddled, time and time again. These few husbands have revealed the questions that they desperately want to be answered.

1. Why do you take so long to get ready?

The number of times we’ve heard hubbies, boyfriends, brothers, and dads complain about this is too damn high. But yes. It is one thing that is a mystery to husbands all around the world. The reason the question arises is that men don’t realize that women can’t get ready in 5 minutes like them. So, husbands. To answer your question, looking beautiful has a lot of bearing on the self-esteem of women. And in order to look beautiful, it’s essential that we match our shoes to our dress while keeping in mind that it can’t clash with the makeup. Women have many more options when it comes to the outfits in their wardrobes. So please bear with us. We want to look pretty for you too.

2. Why do you expect me to pick up on hints?

From the questions asked by husbands, it’s quite clear that they have no problem in admitting that they can be quite thick sometimes. Especially when it comes to picking up on hints that the wives keep dropping. Well, one of the most common reasons we drop hints and aren’t direct is because we don’t want to seem needy, pushy, or ungrateful. By dropping subtle hints, we hope that you are under the impression that you’ve come up with ideas on your own, whether it be romantic dates, helping with the kids or something else. However, maybe it is worth a conversation with your wife so that you both can reach a mutual understanding or figure out a better system to make the both of you happier.

3. Why do you have a short temper only with me?

Quite often, wives tend to lose their temper at home even though they seem calm and composed when outside, around other people. “Why me?” is what all you hubbies out there are wondering. Well, if it’s any consolation, it’s because we love you. Literally, it’s because we’re comfortable enough around you to lose our shit and confident enough that you’ll still love us. We’re sorry that we take it out on you, but it’s highly probable that we’re just taking out all the anger that’s accumulated throughout the day, and only a teeny tiny percentage may be because of you.

4. Do you really need all those shoes?

YES. Not even going to address that question. Shoes make us happy. Deal with it. Look at all the pretty colors and heels and styles

5. Does size matter?

When talking about their “mini-me”s (ahem ahem), most husbands have the searing question at the back of their minds, about whether size matters to their better halves. Well, to tell you the truth, it mostly doesn’t, as long as you know what to do with it and give us what we need. Whether you possess that knowledge is another question for another time.

6. Do you want to get adventurous in bed?

The fear of asking this question sometimes arises out of anticipation of temper being lost, and sometimes out of plain embarrassment. Husband. We’d like to keep the excitement alive too. Adventure is subject to individual differences, however. So if you really want the answer to this, stop reading this article and go ask your wife. Be tactful about it and you may be surprised by the answer.

7. Do you know how beautiful I think you are?

One common complaint we’ve found, made by husbands, is that their wives don’t know how to take compliments. If they say “you look beautiful,” they get reports like “Do I not look beautiful every day?” To this, I say, sorry? Sometimes though, it’s said as a joke. Other times it’s mainly said out of the need for reassurance. Sometimes we’d like to be assured that our husbands think we’re beautiful just the way we are and not because we’ve put in some extra effort by wearing a sexy dress or putting on make-up.

8. Why do you talk to other people about our sex life?

Many women have the tendency to discuss their sex life with their girlfriends or sisters. There’s no need to get worried or conscious. We do it in order to understand if something is wrong or if we’re doing it right. Or simply to express what we feel about it. Women talk. That’s how they express themselves. It’s not all about comparison or competition.

9. Why do you want everyone at home to go on the same diet as you?

How many of us have gone on special diets to lose weight or get fit? Let’s get one thing straight, most of those diets are pretty saddening. They involve giving up a lot of yummy goodies that we love. Seeing our babies and hubbies consuming these doesn’t make the diet easier. It’s a source of temptation. So many a times, forcing you to go on the diet is a way of gaining support. Other times it could be because your wife genuinely feels like it could do wonders for your health. Just try to support her through her diet phase without bringing tempting food into the house, and maybe the rest of you will be spared.

10. Do you really have an issue with a boys night?

I think at least 90% of women would say no. Sometimes though, when you ask for a boys night, it just feels like you aren’t satisfied with us. We know that it may not be the case, but the ego does take a hit. Don’t take it personally, just try to reassure your wives that you just want to spend time with your buddies and that it doesn’t mean that you don’t find your spouse fun… and that you love her. Love is always welcome.

We hope that this satisfied some of your curiosity. These are secrets to a happier (and easier) marriage. Just kidding!



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