10 Must Do Everyday Romantic Gestures Between Couples Xyz

10 Must Do Everyday Romantic Gestures Between Couples Xyz

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Who says romance is dead? Romance is what keeps the marriage going strong. Don’t we all just love that feeling of being young and in love – two hopeless romantics just starting out on their new journey as a married couple? You don’t need to be overly romantic every day to stay obsessed with each other even years after you get married – just a little bit of romance is all it takes. Yes, the little things really do matter!

Here we have listed out some romantic gestures you can do every day for each other.

1. Little favours

Suppose your loved one has to get to work early tomorrow for an important meeting or needs to catch a flight in the wee hours of the night. It doesn’t hurt to wake up a bit earlier to cook them something to eat – either pack it up or serve it fresh and hot. Or, if your partner complains of not having time to visit the parlour for a massage – offer to do it yourself! It would mean the world to them if you do just little favours like these.

2. Love notes

Suppose your loved one woke up surprisingly early to cook you breakfast so you can get to work on time. You could leave them a little note saying “I loved the breakfast! Thank you! ♥” You could even leave them random post-it notes with a lovey-dovey message. If they are not feeling well and can’t go out anywhere, leave them a note by the bed. It doesn’t matter what you write – just keep them short and sweet. This are little ways you can be sure they will remember you and smile.

3. Nick names

Keep cute nick names for each other if you haven’t already. Choose two nick names that you can use – one for use in public and another for use only when you are alone together.

4. Leave a message

Nothing warms up hearts better than hearing your loved one’s voice saying something sweet while you are toiling away at work. You could leave them sweet voice messages on WhatsApp. If either of you don’t use WhatsApp, you could just record a voice note on their phone and set an alarm on their phone asking them to “Check voice records.☺♥ ”

5. Photographs

While you two are doing regular mundane activities together – eating, brushing your teeth or sleeping – snap a picture of them. It’s like a secret for you to keep, not to share with anyone else. Each happy snap brings you closer and makes you feel less bored while doing these things together.

6. Lunch dates

You can set up a date at your very own home. This can be done frequently if both of your workplaces are nearby or if you work from home. It is the easiest, as there are no reservations involved and if cooking is a hassle, you can just order in.

7. Be the bigger person

Couples have silly fights every day. It helps to step away for even just a minute. Take a deep breath and let it go.

8. Funny romantic memes

Send them funny memes to let them know you are thinking about them during the day. It could serve as a break from all those messages about the kids and the grocery list.

9. Compliment indirectly

Of course giving little compliments is the best way to melt your partner’s heart. It makes it a bigger deal when you do so in front of your friends. Whether it is the way s/he carries himself/herself or how s/he is really good at cooking, boast about it to your friends and make sure s/he’s listening.

10. Hold hands

Grab every opportunity you can to hold your partner’s hand. Whether it is to cross the road, while sitting in a restaurant or just walking outside in cold weather, holding hands is an instant way to bond with your partner and make them feel warm and loved.

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