10 Myths About Periods You Never Knew! Xyz

10 Myths About Periods You Never Knew! Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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A visit from ‘Aunt Flo’ (a common nickname for periods) is a great sign of fertility! Although we women know what’s up down there, people still get confused between what the truth is and what’s not. Sure it has been a topic that is forever surrounded by myths and taboos even today (yep, even as we’re progressing as a ‘Modern Developing Country’).

Women, especially young girls invariably fall into misconceptions about their own blood and body. I mean, you know what goes on in your body, you know how much you bleed and how many times you have to change your napkins.

But.. NO, why should you know facts while you can float around in misconception! Here are some crazy mind blowing myths about periods that you might haven’t even heard about:

1. Using a ‘Tampon’ will tear your Hymen and make you impure. So, say goodbye to all those arranged marriage ‘Rishta’ because you’re not a ‘Virgin’ and that’s #1 priority on the list of us Indians.

2. Did you know, you can kill your partner if you have sex while you’re on your periods! (LOL)

3. In Malaysia, it is said that you have to wash your tampons or sanitary napkins before disposing of them. This is done so that you don’t invite ghosts at your home.

4. Periods are not vaginal wounds! Dabbing your ‘vajaay jaay’ isn’t going to stop the bleeding you know!

5. This one’s for women in India! Ladies did you know… if you cook food for your family while you’re on your periods, you will contaminate the food by your ‘uncleanliness’! It could kill your family you know!

7. You cannot enter a holy place of worship too if you’re on your periods. To enter, you must wash your hair on or after the 4th day of your cycle. But you could ‘purify’ yourself on the very first day of your periods and act like nothing ever happened!

But you know what…

8. Washing hair while you’re on your periods will decrease your flow and affect your fertility status.

9. Throw your pads and tampons separately from the other trash. Keep it hidden and concealed, don’t let it be seen or else you’ll get “CANCER’! (Haww! *Gasps*)

And finally…

10. Your periods stop once you enter the water body!











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