10 Things Only Your Dad Does For You

10 Things Only Your Dad Does For You

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Dads are undoubtedly your Superhero’s in reality. They are always the first ones to come to your rescue in times of need. You can count on them being your backbone through all your hard times. Often, we narrow them down to being our personal ATM’s, but they are so much more. Dad’s have a stockpile of PJ’s(Papa Jokes) that can lighten the aura no matter what the situation.

Your father has definitely done one or all of these things for you, and these are now important milestones you cherish.

1. Dad’s are the only ones that can make the tedious task of being a father look like a joyous ride. Every time you go to him with an issue, he is sure to come up with the most obvious solution to your problem in no time.

2. They take on the task of getting you married in the most elaborate manner. The fact that they do it with utmost joy brightens your day. Ever little details of your wedding day is an extra effort he has made to add to the beauty of your day.

3. Do not be surprised if you find out your father has been saving up for your wedding day since the time you were an infant. If this does not bring tears to your eyes, we do not know what will.

4. Every time you ask your dad to send extra money for the month, you can easily convince him that it is for food. After you get married, he continues to follow this tradition of putting money in your account occasionally.

5. Dad’s have the aura of a secure alpha male, and no matter how much you look for it in your husband, you will not find it. Your husband will never match up to the standard your Dad has set, but he might come close.6. For the first few

6. For the first few weeks, after you get married, your dad will call you regularly to check up on you, asking you if you have had dinner or not. Dad’s are not very good with small talk and the conversation will end as abruptly, although he actually had a million things to say.

7. Inadvertently, the first thing that comes out of your dad’s mouth when you ask him for something is either a ‘No’ or ‘Ask your mother’. But at the end of the day, you will get exactly what you want because your Dad has the biggest heart.8. Your dad might be in

8. Your dad might be in the horrible mood, but if he sees a tear in your eye, he will come tend to you first. He will make certain you laugh your loudest before he leaves.

9. On your wedding day, even though your mother is crying profusely, it is the look of sadness on your father’s face that brings uncontrollable tears to your eyes. Dad’s do not say much on that day, specifically to avoid this.

10. Even though your dad does not say it over the phone or while you leave, they love you more than anything in the world. They do not say it often, but you will see the purity of that love in his eyes.











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