10 times you realized your husband is more patient than you with your baby

10 times you realized your husband is more patient than you with your baby

24 May 2022 | 7 min Read


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Parenting is a hard job and we know it. It requires a lot of dedication and well, a solid partnership between partners as well. Now, we know each family is different and the roles and traits are often interchanged depending on things like a parent’s availability and emotional stability. On top of that, we have the popular stereotype steering us towards believing it’s only the mum who does most of the parenting job, but we all know it’s not true.

Today, we have 10 most commonly blissful moments that will remind you how patient your husband actually is with your baby, only to make you feel blessed both as a mother and spouse. Tell us if you relate to this. 

1. When He Decided To Be An Equal Partner In Your Delivery

Men can never understand how much of a torture the whole process of birthing is right from when your water breaks to when you go into labour. And while you’re at it, all you can think of is the final moment of seeing your baby before you faint from the excruciating pain. 

However, it is that moment when your husband says, “I’m here with you till the very last moment.” that makes you breathe stronger throughout. Now, he can take a backseat and wait for you to finish, but he chooses to be beside you in the delivery room or even outside, leaving all this work as you and the baby are his priorities now.

Believe us ladies, that is what we call dedication and it is a clear sign of him making a patient father in the future.

2. When He Asked You To Take A Break From Babysitting At Night

It is frustrating to even think of having a sleepless night when you know you have work next morning. You often panic when you think of all those projects you have to finish, after which you have to run home to finish chores and we don’t blame you. But then this is one part of parenting you have to embrace (happy or sad).

The moment of relief is when your husband comes and asks you to sleep while you’re in a dilemma, whether to leave the baby crying or stay up all night and be cranky the next morning. The choice here might be yours every time, but weren’t you amazed the first time your hubby volunteered to do it for you? Well, we know the answer!

3. When He Realised His Personal Time Wasn’t His Anymore

When was the last time you and your husband went out on a dinner date? Or even a movie? Thinking too hard? Well, yes, now that is one thing parenting takes away from you – your privacy. And we understand if you actually miss the older times, but trust us, it is harder for your hubby than it is for you when it comes to reminiscing older moments.

Your husband is making sure he’s compromising on his social life as much as you and while it is what he should be doing, it’s a blessing he’s taking up the responsibility.

While you’re busy running around your baby, breastfeeding him/her, and changing his/her nappies, there are times when all your hubby can do is watch and wish for the tiny tot to sleep so he could grab a moment of intimacy with you. Now he might have confessed already, or he’s still hiding it, but he’s being as patient as he can. You have to give him credit for that.

4. When He Gave Up On His Gaming For The Baby

Yep, something he couldn’t do even for you. There was a time when all your husband wanted to do was play games the whole weekend with beer and food. Now, you see him with your baby all the time for he doesn’t want to miss out on even a second of his time with his child.

From singing lullabies to him/her to cleaning the baby’s puke, he’s there for everything. Your

5. When He Took Over Your Duties So You Relaxed

It is very common to split parental duties, especially for working parents, and it happens to work out for the best for them. However, there are times when you come home and just don’t have the energy to even stand. It is then that your husband hugs you only to whisper in your ears, “I’m taking over for today. You take a shower and relax.”. How cute, right?

6. When He Attended Work Calls While Swinging The Baby

Haha, sounds funny, but it’s cute too! The sight of your hubby holding the phone in his right hand and holding the tiny tot in the left will melt your heart. Seeing him not giving up on your baby for work brings a smile to your face. It is good to know he’s there despite whatever else might take up his time, isn’t it? We think so too.

7. When He Smiled At The Baby After She Peed On Him Right Before Work

He’s getting extremely late and running around the house for his socks, his tie is half done and his toast is kept half-eaten on the plate; he comes to you and takes the baby to give you both one last kiss before he leaves for work. And this is exactly when your baby decides to pee on him. You’re worried he might yell, but he ends up smiling and says, “ It’s okay, I’ll change. Anything for my princess.” 

Adorable, Nah?

8. When He Repeated, “Say, Daddy, Daddy!” Too Many Times

Is it time for your child to start speaking? We know this topic brings out a certain eagerness in you. There are times when your baby almost has you believing he/she is about to speak but backs out and that leaves you disappointed.

But then, you see your hubby being stubborn and chants, “Say Daddy.”!

9. When He Watched Her Sleep The Whole Night

We know there are times when you actually thank God your child is sleeping, and you just can’t wait to take a nap too. But then you look at your hubby and he’s there beside your baby, smiling at him/her while he/she sleeps. You think, “Really?! Isn’t he sleepy?” Well yes, he is sleepy, but he does have all the time in the world to be near his child.

Feel blessed!

10. When He Heard Your Plea And Quit Smoking For Her

We all know how stubborn smokers are when you ask them to quit, and we bet, if your husband is a smoker, you’ve had this argument him a lot of times. However, when you ask him to do it this time for the baby and his/her health, he takes no time in saying “yes” and actually acts on it. Obviously, the baby is more important to him than his urges, isn’t it?

Well, from this, we hope you understand that dads are very patient with their babies and they deal with a lot of changes too. Hats off to them!




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