100 Traditional Vedic Names For Baby Boys, With Meaning (2022)

100 Traditional Vedic Names For Baby Boys, With Meaning (2022)

14 Sep 2022 | 5 min Read

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Our country is a land of diverse cultures, religious beliefs, and heritage that blend powerful; traditions, philosophy, and spirituality. Indian Vedic names for baby boys descend from these Holy scriptures and hold deep meaning and power. 

In this post, we give you a list of Hindu traditional baby boy names that trace back to scriptures like ancient Puranas, Vedas, and Bhagavad Gita, and depict personalities with mystical powers and bravery. Explore the list of diverse baby boy names to find a suitable option for your little one.

List Of Hindu Names For Baby Boys, With Meaning

Vedic names for baby boys
Vedic names for baby boys hold rich meanings and have spiritual and philosophical references
Spiritual Vedic Names For Baby BoysMeaning Of Indian Traditional Baby Boy NamesOrigin
AdityaSun GodVedic scriptures
AaravCalm, peaceful in Sanskrit
Sound, thundering in Hindi
AdyahThe first
Another name of ‘Lord Shiva’
AksharEternal, Leader of GodsSanskrit
AgastyaPure strength, Someone who can overcome every obstaclePuranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata
AkshaChariot with many horsesLinga Purana
AmbareeshThe sun, Atmosphere, SkySanskrit scriptures
AnaghFaultless, SinlessSanskrit
AnubhavFollower of glory, LightningSanskrit
AnshumatBrilliant, LuminousSanskrit scriptures
Unsurpassed, Unconquered
Bhagavad Puran
AnurajIlluminated, Devoted in Sanskrit
Shine and extraordinary in Rig Veda
ArjunWhite, Clear, or SilverBhagavad Purana
ArunDawn, The power of giving life in Sanskrit
The red colour in Bhagavad Purana
Sanskrit scriptures
AryaNoble oneSanskrit
AranyakLush forest,
One who lives in the forest
Hindu literature
AtharvKnowledgeSanskrit scriptures
AyushLong lifeSanskrit
AvyaktaOne who sees the world aheadSanskrit scriptures
BajrangSomeone who is extremely powerful
Another name of Lord Hanuman
BalaramThe brother of Lord KrishnaHindu Vedic scriptures
BabanConquerorHindu Vedic scriptures
BhavanSolicitous, Charming, Brilliant
Another name of Lord Krishna
BharatOne who is engaged in search of knowledge
Brother of Lord Ram
Sanskrit scriptures
BhavinPredestined, Inevitable, ImminentMahabharata
BheemSomeone who is mighty and braveMahabharata
CharanFoot or support in SanskritManaging or acting in Atharv VedaSanskrit scriptures
ChinmayaSupreme consciousnmess, Blissful
Another name of Lord Ganesha
ChakraCircular weapon that
Lord Vishnu bears
Vedic scriptures
ChakrikOne who holds the chakraVedic scriptures
ChitrasenFull of energy
A King of Gandharvas
Another name of Lord Krishna
Son of Lord Brmha and Aditi
DevankWritten by GodHindu Vedic scriptures
DeovratReliable, Disciplined
Another name of Lord Bhisma
DhruvConstant, FaithfulSanskrit
DhwijSaint, One who lives a principled life
Son of Abhimanyu
DhareshGod of the planet EarthSanskrit
DeveshKing of Gods
Another name of Lord Indra
Hindu mythology
DhruvahOne who is immovableSanskrit
DurvishOne who cannot be affected by poison
Another name of Lord Shiva
Vedic scriptures
EklavyaRefers to a student who learned bow while watchingHindu mythology
GannathEpithet of Lord ShivaVedic scriptures
GaurangSomeone who is of fair complexion
Another name of Lord Shiva, Krishna, and Vishnu
Hindu mythology
GitanshuParagraph of the Bhagavad GitaHindu Vedic scriptures
GarudThe King of birds
Hindu mythology
GeetanshA part of the sacred GitaHindu Vedic scriptures
HarikeshSomeone who is a deep thinker
Another name of Lord Krishna and Vishnu
Hindu mythology
HaranTo destroy, The one who destroys
Another name of Lord Shiva
Hindu scriptures
HariSun, Moon, Light
Another name of Lord Bhrama, Vishnu, shiva, and Indra
Hindu mythology
HaridasServant of Lord KrishnaHindu mythological scriptures
HanumanSomeone who is mighty and loyal
Son of the wind God
HarshavardhanCreator of joySanskrit
HemantEarly winter, GoldRig Veda
HomeshGod of HavanAncient Hindu scriptures
IshanWeathy, Master, Reigning
Name of the eternal form of Lord Shiva
Sanskrit scriptures
IjyaDestroyer of evil enemies
Another name of Lord Vishnu
Sanskrit scriptures
IravanRuler, King of the oceanSanskrit scriptures
JaiConqueror, Victory
Another name of Lord Shiva
Hindu Vedic scriptures
JatinSomeone with matted locks
Hindu scriptures
JigenSharpest sword of the worldSanskrit
JivaAlive or living and healthySanskrit
KanavName of an ancient rishiHindu Vedic scriptures
KaanhaYoung, Lord KrishnaHimdu mythological scriptures
KarunMercy, Compassion,
Supreme being
Sanskrit scriptures
KeshabSomeone with long hair,Slayer of demon Keshi,Another name of Lord Krishna, Vishnu, VenkateshwaraHindu mythological scriptures
KostubhMost precious stone
Jewel belonging to Lord Vishnu
Vedic scriptures
KushOne of the twin sons of Lord RamRamayana
LuvOne of Lord Ram’s twin boysRamayana
LakshmanAuspicious, Good Fortune
Lord Ram’s brother
MohitInfatuated, CharmedSanskrit
Refers to son of Manu
Hindu Vedic mythology
NakulName of one of the PandavasMahabharata
NishitNight, Born of the night,Someone who is prepared or presentedSanskrit
NimitDestinySanskrit literature
PaavanFire, Pure, PiousSanskrit
PalashFloeery tree, GreeneryBhagavad Gita
PadmajBorn from the lotus flower,Another name of Lord BramhaHindu mythology
PaarthPhilosopher, GuideMahabharata
RaadheyAnother name of Karna from Mashabharata,
Lord Krishna
RakshitProtected, SavedRig Veda
RohinRising,Another name of Lord VishnuSanskrit literature
RushabhThe most excellentSanskrit
SanuPeak or surface of a mountainRig Veda
King of Hastinapur In Mahabharata
Sanskrit literature
ShivayaKind behaviour,
Another name of Lord Shiva
Hindu mythology
SugreevOne with a graceful neck,
Ally of Lord Ram
TirthA Hindu place of pilgrimageHindu Vedic scriptures
VakulSon of Goddess VakulaHindu Puranas
VibhuStrength, Greatness, Excellence
Lord Vishnu’s 163rd name
Vedic scriptures
VishnuPrevalent, Preserver,
Protector of the Universe,
Supreme God of the Hindus
Ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures
VishwanathLord of the Universe,
Another name of Lord Shiva
Sanskrit scriptures
VyasWise sageBhagavad Puran
YadavDescendant of Yadu,
Another name of Lord Krishna
Sanskrit literature
YajA worshipper, Sacrifice,
Another name of Lord Shiva
Hindu Vedic scriptures
YanchitGlorifiedHindu Vedic scriptures
YashSuccess, Victory, GloryAnciennt Vedic scriptures


The Vedas are the storehouse of spiritual energy and these Vedic names for baby boys are perfect to emote power and tradition. These names have rich meanings and will surely fit well with your little man’s personality traits.

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