Why should you cook with your child more often?

Why should you cook with your child more often?

1 Feb 2016 | 1 min Read

Baby Chakra

Author | 501 Articles


Young children often pretend to cook with their toys. By providing the opportunity to do so in real life has many enriching qualities. Children love being involved in the kitchen with their mothers. Helping the moms to make butter, children develop their mathematical mind. Kids can measure and pour the ingredients after deciding on the quantity of butter needed. After combining the ingredients in a jar, kids need to shake it, a fun and easy task.


Children can develop their fine and gross motor skills by opening and closing the lid, shaking the jar until it comes out to the correct consistency. Kids love the process of prepping, cooking, and seeing the finished product before serving it to their families. New discoveries  in the kitchen stimulate a child’s originality and expose him to new foods.


Watch the video to understand better



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