6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

4 Feb 2016 | 3 min Read

The most romantic day of the year is almost here! Most of you might already be prepared with a suitable gift for your valentine to declare your undying love for her. For those who think no gift can match your love for her, stretch a little bit more.


Do not stress out. We have a list of cool and unique Valentine’s Day gifts that will make your wife go crazy about you, all over again.


Essential oils: Perfumes are a great gift, but they also come across as an afterthought. How about gifting her a hamper of handpicked essential oils like lavender, jasmine, peppermint, green apple, eucalyptus, nutmeg, rosemary, etc. These fragrant oils will help her with relaxation and sleep, alertness, enhancing mood and empathy, and anxiety relief, especially after a long tiring day. 


Source: tasteforlife.com


Herb garden: Bringing her fresh roses is thoughtful, but how about taking it a notch further. If she loves cooking, gift her a ready-to-use kitchen or herb garden in cute little potager pots, mason jars or tin containers that not only look beautiful on the kitchen window sill, but also do not require a green thumb to grow and maintain. Fragrant and essential herbs like mint, rosemary, sage, lavender or fennel are great for cooking gourmet meals.


Source: bluecollarbutterfly.wordpress.com

Share household chores: If you as a couple are not in for spending a lot of money, just make for her rest. Babysit your kid/s, share some household chores or cook for her. She would be beyond herself with joy as she deserves this much-loved break!


Source: quotationssadlove.blogspot.in

Secret picnic: A day-long picnic in the heart of nature, away from the dins and bustles of the city, will be a nice break from the convention (like evening dinner, roses and chocolate cake). You can spend the whole day with your loved one & kids in the outdoors without a soul interrupting your romantic escapade! It can’t get any better than this. There are event organizers who offer unconventional yet romantic getaways to lesser known places in and around your city.


Source: Commons.wikimedia.org


Useful gadgets: Who says only men are gadget freaks? Women love their gadgets as much. Buy her an e-book reader, a body massager, an instant mobile printer, a powerbank or a Bluetooth. Believe us, she will thank you for it long after the Valentine’s Day’s gone!


Source: kindle-thailand.in.th


Birthmonth stone: It is believed that wearing a birthstone (a precious or semi precious gemstone correlating the birthday month) offers various healing benefits to its owner. You already know her birthday, all you need to do is find her birthstone and gift it to her in the form of a jewellery, wishing balls, knick-knack holders, or just an uncut stone. 


Source: uncommongoods.com


For a day, forget she is the mother of your kid(s), and pamper her to the fullest. Gift one of these gifts and you can score some major ‘husband points’ in the eyes of your lady love. 

Most of all, if you truly love her you already know what she wants in her heart-of-hearts, just pause and think, you will know the best gift for her! After all, she just wants to be told that you love her, isn’t it? 🙂

Wish both of you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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