Must Know Red Flags For Your Child's Breathing Patterns

Must Know Red Flags For Your Child's Breathing Patterns

Take note when your child breathes over 50 times a minute.


Smaller children normally have a faster rate of breathing those older children, but we should immediately show the child to a doctor if the rate of breathing is as follows:

Up to 2 months of age 60 or more per minute
2 months to 1 year 50 or more per minute
1 to 5 year 40 or more per minute
Older children 30 or more per minute


To count the rate, place the watch (with a second’s hand) over the chest of the child and count the number of breaths per minute.

Along with fast breathing, if the spaces between the lower ribs of a child’s chest go in as the child breathes, rush to the doctor. If such child is unable to drink anything, it is a medical emergency and the child should be taken to hospital immediately.

Common causes: A few common causes of breathlessness discussed under individual headings are pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchiolitis, Stridor associated with a foreign body or serious infection of the throat, Heart failure due to congenital or acquired heart disease.


Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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