Dry Fruit Laddoo Recipe

Dry Fruit Laddoo Recipe


Dates- 2 chopped
Almonds-1 tsp
Raisins-1 tsp
Dry figs- 2
Cardamom (green)-1 [peeled and seeds crushed]



1. Roast the almonds in a pan till they get browned.
2. Whilst the almonds are roasting, chop the dates and figs.
3. Also peel the cardamom pod and powder the seeds coarsely.
4. In a dry grinder add the chopped dates, figs, raisins, almonds, and the coarsely powdered cardamom powder.
5. Grind to a coarse mixture and spread on a tray or plate or take the mixture in a bowl.
6. Make small balls from your hands and the dry fruit ladoos are ready.
7. Serve the dry fruits ladoos immediately or store in an air tight container and refrigerate.


Nutritive value per serving:

Energy (kcals) 150
Protein (g) 3
Fat (g) 5
Complex carbohydrate (g) 10



Dry Fruit Laddoos are healthy, delicious and guilt free snacks. They are good not only for kids but also for adults. These healthy power- packed snack does not have any unhealthy ingredients like sugar or preservatives or artificial food colors. Dates are rich in dietary fiber, iron, and certain vitamins like vitamin C & B complex. Figs are known to aid in digestion because of its fiber content. Raisins have high level of potassium which helps in hypertension.


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