6 Ways to raise a Self-reliant child

6 Ways to raise a Self-reliant child

Every parent aspires to raise a confident or a self-reliant child, because that alone mean the job of parenting has been done well! Here are 6 tips that might help you!

1. Take a deep breath and let them struggle: Have the patience to let them work it through and set aside the necessary time.

2. Coach from the Sidelines: When they get stuck - “Ask, what’s the next step you need to do now?” and be ready to encourage them.

3. Praise the Effort: Don’t just praise them, praise what it took to get there. They are learning that if they try something, and it may take several tries.

4. Don’t Expect Perfection: Don’t expect them to do the job right away in a perfect way. Encourage them the way they do it.

5. Break it down: There’s no law that says they have to do every part of a task. Think about which piece they can start with.

6. Help them Think it through: It may feel too risky to let them do tasks alone, but help them by giving them prompts.

Remember, though these are simple things to do, it takes conscious efforts to implement them while you are with your child.

So, keep trying! You will get better with time and so will your child grow up confidently.

Happy parenting!

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