Baby’s Development Milestones: 3 - 4 Months

Three Months

1. Motor Development

The fist is now kept open all the time. If the child is given a rattle in her hand, she holds it firmly and may start playing with it. When lifted up from her supine (lying on her back) position, her head follows suit for some time. When put on her stomach, she raises her head and can keeps it at an angle of 90 degrees for about a minute.

2. Perception and Social Response

If the child is shown a pencil while on her back, her eyes follow it from one corner of her eye to the other.

Now comes the smile of recognition. At 6 weeks, she gives a momentary smile when talked to, making it delightful to talk to her. She likes to have adults and children dote on her and oblige them with a smile. The smile is now more definite and she recognizes the mother or the mother figure. In a joint family set up, she will recognize all the other family members as well. Not yet conscious of strangers, she may even oblige others with a smile.




3. Speech

If she is happy after her feeds, she may make sound like ah, goo, and ma.

Four Months

1. Motor Development

The child tends to bring anything given to her to the mouth. While on her back, she now looks at her hands. It helps her to get an idea of her body. That is why it is important not to keep the child wrapped all the time. For the same reason, mittens should be avoided, especially when the child is awake.

2. Perception and Social Response

Now, not only does she smile, but she also laughs delightfully. Her hearing can also be tested better now. Stand behind her so that she cannot see you. Sound a rattle or a bell at a distance of 20 to 24 cms from her ear. She will turn her head towards the direction of the sound. The room should be otherwise quiet for this test.




3. Speech

Now, you can hear her laughing. This is her way of communicating.


Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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