Baby’s Development Milestones: 7 - 8 Months

Baby’s Development Milestones: 7 - 8 Months

Seven Months

1. Motor Development

When made to sit, she can stay in that position for some time without falling over.

While on her back, she may play with her feet; she may even put her toe into her mouth.

While on her stomach, she may make attempts to move forward to catch a toy.

She now talks all objects to her mouth and can even feed herself a biscuit. 


2. Perception and Social Response

If an object falls on the ground, she follows it with her eyes and keeps looking in that direction till she locates it.

She can now play simple games like 'peek-a-boo' and enjoy them




3. Speech

She may now try to join a few syllables and say 'da-da' or may use them separately as 'ma', 'goo' or 'da'


Eight Months

1. Motor Development

When made to sit, the child can now sit for a longer period without falling over.

When on her stomach, your child can now change her position in her attempts to reach an object placed at an angle and not directly opposite her.


2. Perception and Social Response:

While the child is playing with a toy, cover it with a piece of cloth. She will try to remove the cloth to get the toy again.

Now she may even behave as if she is afraid of strangers. and become more cranky in general.




3. Speech

There's nothing new except that she may now try to vocalise in soft whispers rather than loud sounds.



Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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