Baby’s Development Milestones: 9 – 10 Months

Baby’s Development Milestones: 9 – 10 Months

18 Feb 2016 | 3 min Read

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Nine Months

1. Motor Development 

The child may start crawling at this age. Children who are kept on their stomach from an early age when awake, may crawl earlier that others who are kept mostly on their back or in the lap.

Your child can now raise herself from the lying position and sit up on her own.

When encouraged to walk and held by her hands, she attempts to take a few steps forward.

From a sitting position,, she can pull herself up by holding onto some piece of furniture and stand up on her own.


2. Perception and Social Response

Now your child may show interest in softer sounds like a clock ticking or a musical instrument.

She now enjoys dropping objects again and again on the ground and wants you to pick them up and give them back to her.

She now likes to play “hide-and-seek”.




She may now properly join two syllables and say “dada”, “mama”, or “baba”.


Ten Months

1. Motor Development

The child can now walk more confidently when held by her hands.

She can also sit from a standing position by taking your support or the support of a piece of furniture.

She now rocks on her hands and knees and may crawl all around the house.

When a small object like a bead or a button or a pellet is placed before her, she now picks it up with her thumb and index finger. In earlier months, she might have got tired trying to get it with her palm or without the fine coordination movement that she now exhibits.


2. Perception and Social Response

She now claps, copies “ta-ta” or “bye-bye” likes to look at a picture in a book and starts understanding the meaning of No’.





She repeats “da-da” or “ma-ma” after you. When you ask her about familiar persons or objects by saying, ‘Where is papa’, or ‘Where is the fan’, she may now look in the direction of that particular person or object.



Source: Book – Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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