Highlights of LiveChat With Dr Roopa Srinivasan – Child Development & Behaviour – Part 1

Highlights of LiveChat With Dr Roopa Srinivasan – Child Development & Behaviour – Part 1

17 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

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Q.  He was a very confident boy. But now he has changed. He likes dancing but does not want to attend classes. He feels awkward speaking in public, show and tell is a really challenge, how do I overcome this? Also he does not listen. I have to repeat and repeat and repeat.

A. It sounds like this is a recent change. Are you aware of anything that has possibly caused this?? For many children being put in the spotlight and being asked to perform or to show and tell is disconcerting. 

Q. Nothing strikes me as such. We have changed city. Could that affect this somehow? 

A. Regardless of what has caused it, try not to put him in situations where he has to perform. Allow him to get to know a guest/visitor by giving him tasks where speaking /performing is not needed. Example- give aunty a glass of water. Praising him for the effort and not the result will go a long way in boosting his confidence.

Q. My 3.3 years has recently developed the habit of hitting himself. What could be the reason for the same? And what should I do to stop him?

A. It is normal for many children to band/hit themselves when they are upset. The usual thumb rule for any behavior is that – your response to a behavior will determine whether it stays or goes away. if he is hitting himself in a fit of anger, make sure he is safe. If he isn’t harming himself, try not to react. Allow him to calm down. Do not bring it up in your conversations, it will faze out gradually.

Q. My 14 month-old-girl who is one of twin set, was born premature and low birth weight. She has been achieving all her milestones except for speech. 

At 14 months, all she can say is papa, baba and mama. That too she can’t associate the words mama and papa with me and her dad. While the other one repeats pretty much everything and has a strong word association. I’m not comparing them, but is there anything I should be worried about?
A. I would recommend bringing it up with your paediatrician. I do think there is a need to investigate.


Q. My 5 year-old-niece has started dominating other kids while playing, she doesn’t gel well with other kids well. And so her friends don’t involve her in their games or activities. Although she is very sweet and caring at home. At times she become very aggressive and goes out of control. Will it go as she grows up or it is something else which is developing? It has started since a year.

A. Modelling how you want your niece to behave with other children will help. You could say/do things as if you are her and this will allow your niece to see the difference in response.

Q. (Related to above question) I tried this even, in fact I started playing with other kids and involve her for the same, but still she is the same. It feels so awkward. I am really worried.

A. Call kids over for a play date, but call 1 kid at a time. Let her get used to this child and practice what you have taught her. As she gets comfortable, include another child when children find social skills challenging, it’s overwhelming to have to deal with too many children at once. Prepare her for what will happen in a play date.  Limit the time period. Let the play date be for an hour initially.


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