Highlights Of Livechat With Dr Roopa Srinivasan Child Development Behaviour: Part 3

Highlights Of Livechat With Dr Roopa Srinivasan Child Development Behaviour: Part 3

17 Feb 2016 | 3 min Read

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Q. My daughter is 3.9-years-old. She talks a lot and does many things on her own. But few things she lacks – listening skills and communication. For example: if we ask her what did you do in school today, what she ate today, she is not able to answer us. 2. Still doesn’t inform us when she wants to go to potty. 3. Since one month started nail biting. 4. Since birth, sleeps very less. Restless and impatient. She can drag herself till late night until we pull her to sleep or shout at her. 

A. I think it might help to see a specialist for your daughter’s communication skills. I notice that you are from Bangalore. Please contact Dr Chitra Shankar at Manipal hospital.

Q. (Related to above question) Dr. I mean, certain things or basic day to day communication she doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to listen what we are saying.

A. Many children speak in simple sentences. They may not find it easy to narrate. Narration starts by 3- 3.5 years in some children, by 4 in some others. Good to have it checked out.


Q. My issue is that my son who is 7 years old has a very laid back attitude for everything. He doesn’t want to study, nor does he likes to indulge in any fun-filled activity. I have sent him to Casio classes but he shows disinterest. He just wants to sit back and play games on mobile. What to do? How can I get in touch with you?

A. We may need to get him assessed to understand the reasons for the “disinterest”. A difficulty with some aspects of academics may also present such behavior. 
I consult at Jaslok hospital, Ummeed child development Center  and at Vashi. For the first 2 places, you will need to contact directly. Please visit ummeed.org for more information. 

Q. Since my younger one is born, my elder son is feeling left out and even if I call him and try to talk to him and have fun with him…he would not come near me and watch TV instead.

A. Is his relation better with dad? There maybe things that you anyway do in your daily routine – like go out grocery shopping etc– try using that as an opportunity to take him out or set up a date to a favorite nearby coffee shop/ ice-cream shop only with him to underline that he is as important to you as the younger one.

Q. My 4.3 years old son is an extremely sensitive child. Emotional scenes even in children’s movies are enough to tear him up, but at the same time, he’s ok with watching animals maul each other. Off late he’s been asking me about death, how do I approach sensitive topics without touching a raw nerve? 

A. Has there been a recent death/event at home? With issues like death, illness, we should use a moment like that to give as much information as they need. Example – If your son asks, what happens when someone dies? Answer by saying, “When your body parts stop working permanently, you die”.

Q. Dr Srinivasan, is there a red flag for understanding colours?  By what age max should a toddler be able to identify colours correctly?  

A. 3 year olds can identify at least 1 primary color.


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