Pain, Pain Go away, Little Johnny wants to school!

Pain, Pain Go away, Little Johnny wants to school!

Admitting your child to the right school is one of the first projects accomplished in the school of formal parenting. This, in today's times, is more difficult than having written your own university exams. To justify the very high demand low supply situation, schools have created their own entry barriers to admission. Here are some of the craziest filters schools create to hire the so-called most deserving! Isn't every child supposed to receive basic education??


1. Alumni Quota: Well, very unfair to the concept of schooling itself. So if someone who didn't go to a good school wants to send their child to one, isn't eligible, eh??

2. Preference for siblings: Great for those trying for their second one but can schools be a bit more considered to single-child-parents? Or does that clause come with a voucher for twin siblings?

3. Preference for those staying within a certain distance: We are told that people actually change residence to ensure admission to their dream school. So much at the age of 3 and 4? Do we have to think of changing countries for college admissions then?

4. Interviews with children: This is heights! On one hand, there is a wave saying - let children grow at their pace, don't kill their childhood. On the other hand, some schools expect them to know colours, shapes, beading, colouring and a lot more even before Nursery? What will they learn when they go to school then?

5. 2 leading schools in South Mumbai apparently ask for registration when your child is a year old. If you don’t, you don’t stand any chance of submitting your admission form when your child is 3 or 4? In a next move, they could ask for registration as soon as the pregnancy test comes positive or while parents are planning a baby? ;-)

6. Preference for stay-at-home-moms or working moms: A personal decision may affect your child’s future, didn't you know?? This is like - literally questioning a Mom’s ability to be a good parent. With due respect to schools, this is clearly unwarranted!


In a country of 1.2 billion which is so bullish about young population, shouldn't we simply be having more schools with a big playground? Schools which allow access to these tiny tots without bias and allow them to blossom?


So dear parent, if you are reading and smiling at the same time, keep your smile on :-) Don’t shed even a millilitre of tear or sweat if your child didn't get through to your dream school this year.


1. Whatever happens, happens for good. This was your dream school and may not have been your child’s.

2. Some of the most successful people in this world never had formal schooling or were college drop-outs. Encourage your child to learn and develop the right attitude.

3. The school, however well they claim to groom, cannot guarantee your child’s learning or secure his/her future.

4. We fail, as a parent, if we even, attempt to judge the merit of a child at that tender age. It’s UNFAIR. Period.

5. By opting for any of the preferential admissions, aren't we seeding in corruption indirectly? 


So, cheer and celebrate whichever school you have got through. Else, find out more about home schooling!

Till then, read read stories, play in the sun, mess up the house with some paints and relive your childhood with your child. The real learning from life will follow.

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