What must you know about Breastfeeding after C-Section or after Episiotomy?

If you have had a C-section delivery under general anesthesia, you may be on a drip. Even then, the baby should be given to you for breastfeeding after about 4 hours of the operation, when you would have recovered from the effects of anesthesia. You will need the assistance of a hospital attendant or a close relative to give your child the first breastfeed. As you lie on your back, the nurse may place the baby on a pillow raised to the level of your breast, so she can conveniently reach it.

If you have had an episiotomy, your doctor may prescribe drugs to relieve the pain of the stitches. Doctors have found that if the baby is given to the mother soon after delivery for skin-to-skin contact, the mother gets so engrossed in her baby that stitching is often done without taking recourse to drugs for suppressing pain. :-) Isn’t that wonderful?

Enjoy those first few moments of breastfeeding, whichever way it comes to you!

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Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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