How should you Burp your Baby?

Put the baby on your shoulder and rub her back. You can also put her face down on your lap, and rub her back gently. You need not wait too long for the baby to burp. Some babies do not swallow much air while feeding and so may not burp at all. However, if the baby does not burp after 2 minutes, you can put her on her stomach, if she is awake. If you are lying down and feeding the baby during the night, you need not sit up to burp the baby. You can make the baby sit up next to you using your body for support. 0


Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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I tried these technique if I put him on tummy after feed he vomits all milk out

And putting him on shoulder disturbs his sleep and than he cries alot

sometimes while burping my lo vomits lot of milk is it nrml or some problem?

i giv burp the same way... and it realy works.... alhamdolilah

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