The ‘to be Mommy’ Chronicles: ‘BUMP’ up your Style for Occasions -Indian Wear

The ‘to be Mommy’ Chronicles: ‘BUMP’ up your Style for Occasions -Indian Wear

23 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

Laxmi Chowath

Author | 3 Articles

Motherhood can be very overwhelming, especially for first time mothers. Constant tirade of the ‘to do’s’ and ‘not to do’s’, the infamous ‘morning sickness’ which actually could last the whole day, the explained yet not-totally-prepared-for changes to the body and other new adjustments.

As a pregnant woman, I used to be most lost when I had to dress up for any occasion. Be it a wedding or the rigmaroles attached with it, an event, a party thrown by the hubby’s boss or a simple date night with the to-be-Daddy. 

So here are some tips and tricks for all those occasions and part one covers Indian costumes.


1. There are other designs to explore than just ANARKALI 



The most common occasion wear made famous by celebrity mommies is the ANARKALI. Yes, though it’s very flattering for an expectant mother, don’t be afraid to explore more designs. Play around with the prints, the materials to create some flattering silhouettes. The beauty with the designs depicted above is that they can be worn even post-delivery till you don’t lose the baby fat completely, and even beyond that. 

Don’t worry it’s not something that will go out of fashion that soon 🙂 

Tip: Be mindful of the length of your dress. Very important that you don’t trip, especially if you are wearing heels.


2. Recycle your old sarees than buying expensive stuff 

Occasion wear means heavy and expensive looking attire. Usually if you were to buy them it would cost you nothing less than 5-6K. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you do not care about the fitting, and the current fitting might just last 1 or max 2 wears, so perfect time to raid your mom’s or your own closet and dig out old unused saris and dupattas to create something like a fusion wear.


 Even if you don’t end up wearing it more than once at least you won’t feel the pinch in your wallet. 

Tips: Try and use small prints and ensure there is not much happening around the tummy area so that the focus is not on it. 


3. JACK-et it up

Layering is a universal solution in most cases. 

The bust size goes up, especially during the last trimester and to counter it, throw in a jacket over your old dresses and give it a new look.



The most flattering materials are sheers like Georgette, Chiffon, Poly Silk. As usually you tend to put on weight only around the bust and midriff area, so do flaunt your natural curves along with the bump rather than feeling all plus sized. Avoid heavy materials like raw and tussar silk as your body temperature anyways goes up due to all the hormones and extra blood pumping and they would just add to the discomfort.


Happy note: This might just combat that internal bloated feeling that’ll stay with you for a long time! 

So next time you have an occasion coming up, don’t fret. just plan and go with all the glory of pregnancy and most importantly… Enjoy! 

Coming up in Next – Occasion Wear Western and concluding it with Accessorizing it. So stay tuned! 


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