Why Work-Life Balance Got Easier this Women’s Day!

Why Work-Life Balance Got Easier this Women’s Day!

29 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Hello Momma-on-a-Career-Break!

Not very long ago, each one of the women on our team was also in your boat. After having worked so hard in school, college, and then as employees with various companies, we found ourselves having to step away to take care of things on the home-front that needed our focused attention – whether it was marriage, children, or our elders. At the time, nothing seemed more important than the well-being of our families and no one seemed better-suited for that job than we did. And that stepping aside turned into career-breaks ranging from 6 months to a year to 2+ years…


However, the day came when each of us realized that in order to be a better wife/mother/daughter to our families we needed to feel complete and fulfilled from within, and that was impossible to do without our careers. Work gave us our sense of identity and our financial independence. Work helped keep things in perspective and gave us a window to the world. Work placed us on an equal footing with our husbands and peers. Work COMPLETED us.


We know that you may think that it’s impossible to juggle both – home and work. That employers will never understand how your sick child will always come before your office-work for that day; that an organization doesn’t care about your difficulty in commuting and wants you there 9 hours a day, no matter what. But, the world has been changing, and is still changing, while you’ve been away – and it’s changing for the better! It has evolved into a more empathetic place, placing the needs of family alongside the needs of the workplace, because it makes people better workers, simply put.


Companies are clamouring to evolve their employee benefits to be more family-friendly – adjusting job-roles to accommodate new mothers who are re-entering the workforce, increasing maternity-leave allowance, providing options for day-care and early childcare, providing part-time roles to divide and share workloads, allowing work-from-home and telecommuting options…the list goes on and on and on… 


Because those of us who are mothers know that the multitasking capacity of a busy mom leaves most others behind in her dust! (We’ll accept our tiaras now, please!)


So whatever our reason for taking a break – marriage, relocation, maternity – each one of us at JobsForHer, and the women that we’ve successfully placed at some of India’s best companies have found it a mammoth task to dust that fear off our shoulders, pull out our resumes, and meet an employer confidently to tell them that what we wanted was to be the best we could at our work and that’s why we took that break. 


Each one of us at JobsForHer have been through what you have. And we want to put your best foot forward when you decide to restart! Last Women’s Day, JobsForHer was launched with a vision to reverse female brain-drain from the Indian workforce.


This Women’s Day we want to help women get back to work with the JobsForHer Diversity Drive 2016! Some of India’s biggest companies are joining hands with JobsForHer this International Women’s Day in one massive diversity drive across the country! These companies will throw open their doors to career-break women


If you’re a woman on a career-break, and what you’ve read has inspired you to attend the JFH Diversity Drive 2016 in your city, follow the links below to learn more about the companies who want to hire career-break women, and register your attendance for their walk-in day!


We want to GET YOU HIRED this Women’s Day, so step out, step lightly, and take your place in line!


This article has been contributed by JobsforHer.

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