You don’t want your child to miss spring, right?

You don’t want your child to miss spring, right?

Spring is in the air! It brings with it a sense of freshness, newness and hope. After being in the wraps, the sweet sunshine and the colourful array of blooming flowers are a welcome change. 

Spring is a great time to explore nature with kids. Here are a few spring-related activities you can indulge in with kids.


Art & crafts: Let the craft activities reflect the cheerful shades of nature. Ask your child to make an artwork of trees, flowers and birds using colourful tissue papers or cotton wool. For a smaller kid, you can turn her finger, hand and foot prints into a beautiful painting that you can hang in her bedroom. As the Easter is approaching, you can ask your child to colour the easter eggs in the colours she loves. That would make for a great Easter Egg hunt activity. 



Cooking and baking: Who says cooking and baking are not fun? Bake Easter biscuits in bunny and egg shapes. Or make a garden inspired cake using chocolate pudding, pretzel sticks, popcorns and berries. As spring sees lots of fresh and yummy fruits, make a pie, custard or ice cream using the freshest spring fruits.  



Sightseeing: Take your child to a flower exhibition, horticulture show or a butterfly garden in your city and get her to know the different varieties of flowers and plants. You can also take her on a nature trail where she might get to see birds, frogs, bats and insects that are hard to spot in the city. Co-incidentally, it is also the time when the endangered newly hatched Olive Ridley baby turtles make their way into the sea (near Velas, in Ratnagiri district); it’s a phenomenal site, the one your child will squeal in delight to have experienced. 



Parties, costumes and play dates: Invite your child’s friends over and have a costume party where kids need to come dressed inspired by spring in flowers, butterflies, bumblebees, birds, etc. Holi is still a long way to go, but kids could have their own pre-holi party. Make home-made natural colours from turmeric, spinach, beetroot and let children have some undiluted water fun. Or, organize a playdate complete with a scavenger hunt at a beach where kids can play, roll over and have some outdoor fun.



Fun activities: Instil love for the nature in your child by asking her to plant trees of their choice and looking after them. Ask your child to pluck some flowers from your garden and put them in vases all around the house. Take the help of your child and do a bit of spring cleaning, maybe. Ask her to tidy up her room, stack up her old clothes too small to wear and toys that she has overgrown. Share the with less privileged kids and let them have the best of spring too! 




Books and music: Teach your child about spring through books like Summer Birds, Flowers from Mariko, The Listening Walk, and so on. Also, welcome spring by singing spring songs like ‘Spring is here’ or the Easter Bunny song with your child! 


Spring ushers in colors and joy. Wish you and your children loads of it!

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