Which Double Stroller will suit your twins better? Tandem or Side – by – Side Strollers?

Which Double Stroller will suit your twins better? Tandem or Side – by – Side Strollers?

29 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

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The double stroller is one of the most important equipment for a parent of Twins. But with two absolutely different kinds of strollers, which one actually turns out to be better? Let us give you a helping hand here with all the relevant information!


1. The BASIC Difference

Tandem: A Tandem stroller is also known as a stadium style stroller, where two seats are arranged front and back of each other. These can both face to the front, or face each other. 

Side – by – side: In this stroller, two adjacent seats are arranged, side by side.


Source: strollergy.com

2. Difference in Purpose:

Tandem: These strollers seem to be more popular, as they are often used for a toddler and an infant, instead of a pair of twins alone. One of the seats has more leg room and occupies more space for a toddler to fit in. The other seat has comparatively lesser space so that the infant does not run out of space either. 


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Side – by – side: For twins, the side-by-side works like a charm as it has equal space, leg room and size of seats to accommodate two children of somewhat similar heights and weights. 


3. View of the Babies seated in the Stroller

Tandem: The kid in the backseat may have their view affected by the baby seated in the front.

Side – By – side: The best part about these is that both babies get an equally clear view as they are both facing in the front.



 4. Size of the Stroller

Tandem: These are slender and can get through almost any door. So some people find it easier to control these strollers, as compared to the side-by-side model.

Side – by – side: These strollers are wider, but are constructed keeping the architectural structure of doors and doorways at public spaces. For example, in the mall, a side by side can easily get through the average door sizes of the mall. It is likely to create a problem in crowded areas like a street market.

5. Comfort for twins

Tandem: One of the drawbacks of the tandem stroller is that the seat at the back, meant for the toddler, may not recline. So if it is being used for twins, and the baby is too young to hold its neck, or wants to nap, the upright seat may cause major discomfort to the young baby.

Side – by – side: There are no such issues with a side-by-side stroller as it tends to provide similar benefits to both the babies.


Source: theshoppingmama.com

6. Access of the Stroller Controller

Tandem: It might be difficult to reach the child seated in the front in a tandem stroller, because of the length of the equipment.

Side – by – side: The side – by – side stroller allows similar access to both babies as the length of the stroller is not as much.


Source: encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com

Ideally, your purpose of buying a double stroller (twins, or a toddler and an infant) should be the primary deciding factor for the type that best suits you. There could be many more factors though, to decide what suits your family best. There isn’t a perfect type of stroller, so you may have to survey the varieties available and then pick one out of them. 


Happy Travelling with your children!


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