<strong>11 Baby Diapering Tips For New-Age Parents</strong>

11 Baby Diapering Tips For New-Age Parents

8 Feb 2023 | 8 min Read

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If you have just welcomed your bundle of joy, you may have several queries related to parenthood, including how to change your little one’s diaper like a pro. Well, your concern is rightly justified as changing your munchkin’s diaper is more than just swapping out a dirty diaper with a clean one. You also need to determine the frequency of changing your baby’s diaper, recognising a soiled one, and understand whether you should wipe or wash your baby’s bottoms before putting on a fresh diaper.

You may also want to consider other factors such as the steps to take if your little one has a diaper rash and ways to deal with skin chafing and inflammation on their bottoms.

While you may not become a diaper-changing pro right at the beginning of your parenting days, having a set of guidelines that you can follow, and a detailed checklist of diaper-changing essentials, can make this task easier and mess-free for you.

To ease you into this task, we have gathered helpful baby diapering tips that will make the process much smoother and fun for both you and your little one.

11 Baby Diapering Tips for New-Age Parents

These baby diapering tips can help all new parents learn the basics of diaper changing and make this task easier for them / Image credit: Pexels

Choose The Right Diaper

Whether you prefer disposable or cloth diapers, always buy the correct-size for your little one. If the diaper is too small, your munchkin may feel uncomfortable, and even develop rashes. On the other hand, if the diaper is too large, it may have gaps around the edges, which may cause leakage. There are multiple diaper brands available on shopping websites like Flipkart, where all the features are enlisted in the description for you, so take a close look at them, and then decide on the best fit for your little one.

Set Up Multiple Changing Stations Around Your House

Set up multiple changing stations throughout your house to minimise your struggle of searching for diaper essentials when you need them the most. Setting up multiple changing stations can prove to be quite helpful, especially if you have more than one floor in your home. It saves time and prevents you from running from one room to another to get a diaper, whenever there is an emergency. 

Get Everything Ready

Before you start changing your little one’s diaper, make sure you have everything within your arm’s reach. There’s nothing worse than realising you are out of baby wipes or cotton balls when you are in the middle of a diaper change. 

The best way to avoid this situation is by assembling all the supplies in one central location so that you have everything you need at your fingertips, and don’t have to panic about leaving your baby alone.

Distract Your Little One

Remember, distraction is the key to a successful and fuss-free diaper-changing session. Shake a toy rattle, sing a song, make funny faces, or do anything that helps distract your little one as you change their diaper. Keeping your munchkin entertained and occupied will prevent them from becoming fussy and ensure that they move and wiggle a lot less. 

Use A Gentle Baby Wipe To Clean

BabyChakra’s bamboo water wipes are infused with botanical ingredients that help soothe your little one’s rashes / Image credit: BabyChakra.com

Baby wipes are an essential diaper-changing item that helps you clean your little one’s diaper area gently without causing irritation. But make sure to steer clear of fragrance-infused baby wipes that can affect your baby’s skin adversely and aggravate rashes.

For a more natural option, you can go for BabyChakra’s bamboo water wipes, which are formulated with 99% bamboo water, bamboo fibre, almond oil, and vitamin E that offer supreme nourishment to your baby’s delicate skin and keep irritation away. The baby wipe also contains aloe vera that hydrates and moisturises your little one’s skin and heals rashes and inflammation. 

The bamboo water wipes are made-safe certified, dermatologically tested, and co-created with mums and paediatricians. Head to the BabyChakra website to cart the product asap.

Invest In A Baby Bottom Wash

Go the extra mile and cleanse your baby’s diaper area with a bottom wash before putting on a brand-new diaper. This not only helps keep your baby’s bottom squeaky clean but also helps fight bacteria to prevent infections and rashes.

You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural baby bottom wash, which is formulated with organic actives like aloe vera, chamomile, calendula extracts, and panthenol that gently cleanse and refresh your baby’s diaper area and soothe rashes and irritation. 

The baby bottom wash is free from harmful toxins and chemicals, and safe for sensitive skin, making it the ideal choice for your newborn.

Be Proactive Against Diaper Rash

BabyChakra’s diaper rash cream helps soothe inflammation and irritation and also prevents future diaper rash / Image credit: BabyChakra.com

According to the National Library of Medicine, diaper dermatitis, more commonly known as nappy rash, is an inflammation in your baby’s diaper area. These rashes occur due to various reasons, including tight diapers, bacterial infections, and skin irritations. These usually appear in your baby’s bottoms, thighs, and genital areas, and make the affected area tender and red.

One of the sureshot techniques for fighting against these pesky rashes is using a natural and protective diaper rash cream on your baby’s bottoms. You can opt for BabyChakra’s diaper rash cream for babies, which features botanical and antioxidant-rich ingredients like neem oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil, and vitamin E that help reduce itching and soothe and heal rashes and irritation.

The best part is that the diaper rash cream is formulated with a non-nano formulation that ensures that none of the ingredients get absorbed into your baby’s bloodstream. It also contains organic shea butter, which forms a protective layer on your little one’s skin and prevents the occurrence of these rashes in the future.

Pro tip: Ensure to apply a thick layer of diaper rash cream regularly, regardless of whether your baby is suffering from a diaper rash or not. This is the best way of preventing diaper rashes in the first place.

Pay Attention To Your Baby’s Safety

If you are using a changing table for a diaper change, buckle them up in safety straps. Even though your newborn is not capable of rolling over, you must keep a constant eye on them to ensure they are safe and secure. There are many diaper mats available on Flipkart that come with a durable design and safety straps. It’s best to invest in those to prevent your munchkin from rolling and falling over accidentally. 

Change Your Baby’s Diapers More Often

It’s best to change your baby’s diapers frequently. Slightly wet or soiled diapers should be changed right away because prolonged contact with feces or urine can irritate your baby’s skin and cause rashes. If your baby has an active diaper rash, make sure you are changing their diaper every 1-2 hours.

Enlist The Help Of Siblings

If you have older children, let them participate in the game of changing the baby’s diaper. As you change your baby’s diaper, ask your older child to keep the squirmy little one entertained and distracted, or request them to hand you diaper-changing essentials one by one. 

Use This Time To Bond 

While diapering can feel like a chore, it can be a crucial time for learning and bonding as well. Use this time to play, talk, and initiate eye contact with your little one. Communicating with your baby during this time can help strengthen your bond with them, and make even messy diaper changes memorable. 

Understanding how to change your baby’s diaper is an important aspect of newborn care. While being proficient at this task may take some practice, we bet the baby diapering tips that we have discussed above will make your task hassle-free, and also keep your little bub comfortable during a diaper change. Besides following these tips, ensure to arm yourself with the right diaper-changing essentials, such as natural and plant-based rash creams and water wipes from BabyChakra and The Moms Co

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