11 Promises To Make This Valentines Day As A Parent And A Partner

11 Promises To Make This Valentines Day As A Parent And A Partner

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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With valentine’s day right around the corner it’s time to sit down and wonder about what an absolutely magical day it can be for the two of you. What better occasion to strengthen your bond as parents and a as couple than this day filled with love and promises? It’s time to make these some vows to your partner again to build upon your relationship make it stronger and healthier than ever before.

With this life brimming with routine, it’s normal to get lose the excitement and spontaneity you both once had. Make a vow to your loved one to never let the mundane get to you and that you would always find a way to keep that excitement alive in your lives.

1. I promise to never ignore your calls

This is a very heavy vow to be made, but as new parents serves a larger purpose. Avoid ignoring each other’s phone calls as it could be something important to the baby that requires your immediate attention. Make calls to tell how much you love each other too, once in a while. You need to let each other know just how important you are in each other’s life.

2. I promise to share your load at all times

As new parents it’s important to work together as a team which means you share responsibilities chores and even emotional burden. Divide chores amongst yourselves and share each other’s load at all times. Don’t let one person in the relationship carry the larger heap. By this I also mean the emotional burden that can get to you. Vow to each other to always share any troubles that is burdening them.

3. I promise to push you to your fullest potential

As parents spouses, sons and daughters or as employees or bosses, promise to push the other to achieve their fullest potential in all the roles they assume. Be an encouraging force behind them, nagging even, if that’s what you think would help push your partner on a road where they can achieve his or her full potential.

4. I promise to give you my time, no matter what

With never ending household work, taking care of the baby and long hours at the office, never forget to remind your husband that you are his partner first and hence you come first. Ensure to carve some time out for each other to reconnect and be on track with each other’s lives. Try to fit your spouse into your schedule no matter how many adjustments it takes.

5. I promise to never let you feel alone

Carrying on with a busy schedules it’s hard not to ignore your loved ones. It in fact requires special effort to take some time off. While carrying on with your own life you may fail to notice your spouse’s need to be with you leading them to believe they are by themselves in this journey. Remind yourself to regularly spend time with your loved ones and be involved in the family.

6. I promise to change the diapers every once in a while

Changing diapers is a task most people run from. Not to blame them, it isn’t an easy task per se. Although as new parents this is a task you must perform. So, make this small vow to your spouse to take up this duty every once in a while.

7. I promise to forget old mistakes

Let the past remain in the past. Don’t recount old mistakes or wrongdoings and remind your partner of what a horrible human being he or she is. Let bygones be bygones and move ahead without ever bringing up the past.

8. I promise to never underestimate you and always trust your parenting

This point is especially directed towards mothers who don’t let their partners parent the child with a fear that they will do something wrong. Always trust your partner and never underestimate his parenting or any other skills. Remember you BOTH are parents, hence it’s only unfair to let one parent hog up this task.

9. I promise to hear you out

This is a special vow that needs to be especially highlighted. Misunderstandings occur as result of not allowing the other to explain themselves which leads to more build up anger. So make a vow to each other to always hear the other out no matter how angry you are. Give them a chance to calmly explain themselves before succumbing to screaming and fights.

10. I promise to always choose you

Continue loving your partner, Continue respecting your partner and continue choosing your partner over and over as many times as there is. Loyalty is hard to come by. Give your partner your all and reassure them that there’s no going back on this journey you have chosen to spend with them.



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