A mother’s account on the lesser known side of Infertility treatment

A mother’s account on the lesser known side of Infertility treatment

4 Mar 2016 | 5 min Read

Rhituparna Mitra

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Technology and Innovation has been a blessing in many ways in our lives, especially to do with child care. We can’t think of raising babies without diapers today or, not immunize our babies against those deadly diseases!

It has even helped us make babies, when our bodies didn’t do it naturally, isn’t it? But the question is – is that fair to you and your body?

The Internet will throw out ample answers to your queries on IVF, IUI, ICSI or any of the other assisted reproductive techniques, but what you probably will miss out on – is how it might lash out at your body!


Here are some tenets of wisdom based on collective experiences of  me and my friends going/ having gone through it – 

1. These treatment methods pump in high dosage of additional hormones into your body, which your body is otherwise not producing. This could disbalance in a woman’s body showing unexplained symptoms in future. I have seen this happen to patients of even well known infertility specialists as it’s not in their hands to control the outcomes always. (A google search will throw up some examples)


2. The shelf life of hope itself stretches to a few months to a couple of years, for successfully completely the treatment. And if you are less blessed, you may not even achieve results at the end of it all…Remember, you might be spending the prime years of your life (thirties) just walking up and down the corridors of a clinic or hospital, almost every day in some months. A gynecologist, in fact, had written down the success rates of the different treatments and asked my friend to choose one from them. (The maximum of those was 50%)


3. I have seen several women do this with a smile because no doctor (infertility specialists are now as many as playschools or more) ever tells you the dark side of the story before starting out. In fact, it’s not possible to state all medical exceptions, which may unfold one after the other during the course of treatment. What gives women the courage and will, is a strong desire deep down to become a mother. Nature has blessed every woman with that urge, which by itself is a great thing 🙂 


4. Now, let’s get to the point. When we are born, our body manifests itself to put all the checks and balances to keep it going. It’s a very sophisticated super computer which even corrects processes if they are going out of gear upto a certain level. Beyond that, it will tell you that it has had enough! The way we live, eat and breathe today fills our bodies up with toxicity, thus causing that disbalance. So work on cleaning it up first, it is sure to do its duties thereafter! Doesn’t it feel hungry when you don’t eat? Give it the right time, material and energy, it will function. Visit a good nutritionist as first steps. Breathe Deep – Hunt for more oxygen wherever you can. Manage stress by indulging in leisure activities or Yoga/Meditation (most difficult of all). Most importantly, this applies to both partners. 

5. If you can place faith in a doctor, some synthetic hormones, nurses, injections hoping they will make you pregnant, why not put the same trust in yourself and show some love to your body! It will return your love faster than you think. Based on my experience of getting better with a chronic yet very common disorder, I recommend Dr Vijaya Venkat’s The Health Awareness Center in Mumbai for long term and overall wellness. 

I know, some of you may find this absolutely mindless but walk up to the clinic of an infertility specialist and chat with some women going through it, before you dive into it. Your body, your baby..nobody else can decide on your behalf. Believe me, it will be worth your time!

Wish you loads of love, luck and a happy, healthy motherhood ahead! (On a lighter note, a mother needs more energy and good health after a baby is born, so save up for it :-))

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