In Conversation with Shagun Udhas – Group Moderator, Hello Mommies

In Conversation with Shagun Udhas – Group Moderator, Hello Mommies

There are several communities today which are creating enormous value for young Indian parents by helping them make child care related decisions and we, at BabyChakra, truly love them. This Women’s Day, we thought why not talk a little about their efforts, how the groups came about and what makes the mothers (members of the group) feel so connected.

Here’s how our friend Shagun, is helping mommies and women, at large though Hello Mommies, a Facebook group:

What spurred the idea of creating this community?

I can clearly remember, one night as I tucked my little baby in her cot (who was and is a very light sleeper) and sat down to have a much needed cup of coffee, I was wondering why my baby doesn't sleep enough or as much as most new born. I started with Google but then an idea struck to create a group of my mommy friends on Facebook and ask them the question to get varied answers by expert mommies and all in one platform ... That's how 'Hello Mommies ' was created :) My motivation then was my baby and to get answers to endless questions I had in mind for her, but now it has become this lovely community of mothers just like me sharing their passion, fears, love and getting all their doubts and queries answered while having a lot of fun together :) 

What keeps the members together?

I think the essence of Hello Mommies lies in its name itself  :) Greet and Meet Mommies online and personally, to share each one’s who thoughts, tried and tested solutions to so many issues mommies face with the new bubs:) but most importantly it is a lovely community for women to come together, discuss, care, share a laugh or two, play games and quizzes and get some much needed spice in life :) Another USP of hello mommies is that it is spam free, I monitor each and every post which comes in the group on a daily basis. :-)

An instance where it truly made a difference to a mother’s life 

Well it is tough to point out one such story as there have been so many times mommies have come together with solutions to a post which needed attention. Something that happened yesterday evening comes to mind where my little baby had high temperature and coincidently both my pediatricians were not in town. I knew where to go for help - one post asking for Doctor names and numbers and next thing I had names and number of at least 20 pediatricians in less than 5 mins. Now where else would you get that kind of help so quickly? :) That's what our community is about :) 

Dreams Galore

We are growing by the day connecting mommies which feels great and hope to be in each of our members’ life not merely as a Facebook group but as a platform which they turn to for any sort of help needed at any time. Hello Mommies is about motherhood but more so about connecting women :) 

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