The Most Unbelievable Story Of Pregnancy And Birth You Have Ever Heard

The Most Unbelievable Story Of Pregnancy And Birth You Have Ever Heard

7 Mar 2016 | 4 min Read

Ritu Chaturvedi

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I am a firm believer in ‘karma’ and have always believed that our life is a result of the choices we make. Sometimes though, you encounter strange events in life which make you wonder if you are really a product of your choice or there is a bigger scheme of things shaping up your destiny.


My husband and I are proud parents of twin girls – the two little kittens- are our bundle of joy. For the past 22 months, they have been our center of existence. Whether it was my decision to leave a well settled career to support them or, my husband’s decision to sacrifice his social commitments to support me and take care of them when they fell sick, we had absolutely no regrets. The only thing we ever wished is the ability to bring them up in a manner which will secure their future.


But life, like I mentioned has its own way to unfold mysteries and in my case, I don’t know if it’s funny or unusual but certainly a happy one. 


I was having backache since last year but due to one thing or the other, a visit to the doctor was being pushed back. Meanwhile, I kept applying ointment to relieve pain and occasionally when I used to feel strain in my stomach, I always thought that it was a result of weak abdominal muscles as my twins were born via C-section. 


Finally, in February 2016, when things went out of hand I took a half day off from work (Recently joined an organization in the beginning of 2016) to see a doctor. Little did I realize that my life was gonna turn upside down in this visit. 


The doctor found my symptoms to be quite unusual for an infection, she immediately performed an ultrasound and broke the news …I was carrying my third child and the baby was full grown in my womb without me even realizing that am full term pregnant (37 weeks). Yes, believe it or not,  that’s true!! No one ever figured the baby belly even a week before when I was partying. I even drove my two-wheeler 15 kms one way every day during this period. 


A news that generates happiness for to-be-parents came as a shock to us because we never planned for this event! I was NUMBed, disoriented and spellbound. The doctor literally offered me to jump on to the Operation Table the following day, right at my first scan!! C-section was the need of the hour to avoid any further complications. The few days I got was to get my house in order and rush in my relatives for support as I went for this god-sent-delivery! Even while putting me on anesthesia, the doctor couldn’t help scolding me for my blissful ignorance ;-). My own state of shock could have done away with the need for anesthesia, I thought! 


My husband and I had a series of emotional attacks from shock, worry to humour finally leading to the birth of a healthy, baby boy on 26th of February, 2016.


As I write this article, our newest addition to the family, Pranit is already 8 days old and his sisters Nirvi and Nia have begun to accept him as a part of their family. All said and done, our emotional roller-coaster has now stabilized to love and care and want to ensure we give the best to our two kittens and the little mousie! All is well that ends well!


Happy motherhood to all (whichever way it comes ;-))!


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