Learn about your child’s speech development milestones: Excerpts from a live chat with Speech therapist, Merzia - Part II

Learn about your child’s speech development milestones: Excerpts from a live chat with Speech therapist, Merzia - Part II

Q. My son is 4 years old and is still not clearly pronouncing. He can pronounce sounds of 'K' and 'G' separately but, when used in a sentence he cannot pronounce. Please advise.

A. For the 4 years old with /K/ and /G/ he needs to see a speech therapist because kids start saying /K/ and /G/ at about age 3. He will need a few sessions of speech therapy to learn it. It won't come on its own at this age.


Q. My friend's son aged 4 years -  he knows for example, P for Pig but if you ask what word starts with P, he is unable to answer. Is there an issue. How can she help him?

A. For your friend’s child, there doesn't seem to be an issue. He is probably not associating the letters with their words, but that’s ok at this age. She can help him by reading more to him, and pointing out the sound each word starts with, and not questioning him about it yet.


Q. For child’s development, is it a  good idea to put a child in an environment with more kids like a daycare, as people live in nuclear families nowadays, and, if a child is clinging to her mom more, can that be an issue?

A. It’s a good idea to consider day care since it makes the child more adaptable and flexible with other people and places. Clinging to the mother is normal at a younger age, but as the child grows, it is good for them to get used to different people.


Q. I am a mother of twin boys, baby B never needed any nicu time and was born just fine.. He started babbling at age 7 or 8 months and at 2 years he barely said anything.. We worked hard and now at 2 yrs 3 months he can say a few words like hi, ta, ba mostly mono syllables.. Or words like o-esh (orange) eesh (pink)... Would he outgrow it or he may need help? He understands all basic commands and communicates by pointing or directing. Has achieved all other milestones usually before time. However twin A seems to be right on track.

A. At 2 years 3 months, your child should begin saying two words together like 'bye mumma', 'give orange'.  It is not something he will outgrow. He will need speech therapy to help with this. A delay in speech and language skills puts a child at a higher risk for a learning disability, so it’s best not to wait and work on this sooner rather than later.


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