Things that could perhaps, make your life easier as a New Mom!

Things that could perhaps, make your life easier as a New Mom!

18 Mar 2016 | 5 min Read

Dr Sangita Kumari

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Mommyhood is something that surely throws every woman out of her comfort zone! How about trying out some tools which may help in making it a tad bit easier for you to care for your baby? Try out some of these things to seek the much-needed relief:


Manual Breast Pump 

This gadget can be useful for you, especially, when you are away from the baby for some work for short periods of time, or when you have engorged breasts and baby doesn’t want to feed anymore or, you are unable to express breast milk when baby is hungry. With a manual breast pump, you can extract milk and store it to feed your baby later on. 

Morisons Baby Dreams breast pump, for example, imitates baby’s sucking patterns with a let-down massage cushion for faster milk flow. The best thing about it is that it won’t cause you pain while expressing breast milk. Its supporting parts like valve and handle are easy to assemble too. Usually safe for babies, a prenatal expert says that breast pumps are quite expensive and manual expression of breast milk with the help of a lactation expert is highly recommended. This one costs Rs 1100.


Nipple Puller

Every mom-to-be must get her breasts examined while pregnant, to know the type of her nipples well in advance. In case of flat or inverted nipples, she must start exercising in the last trimester under the supervision of a prenatal expert. In some cases, the expert may advise nipple puller, which helps draw out inverted nipples. It massages the breast to open mammary glands, thereby making breastfeeding much easier.

If your prenatal expert or doctor recommends a nipple puller, you could check out Morisons Baby Dreams Nipple Puller, which is made up of food grade plastic and helps open mammary glands to make breastfeeding easier. It costs about Rs 130.

Nipple Shield:

As a breast feeding mother, every effort should be made to get the latch right in the first place. Even if it takes a lactation expert or nurse to help the baby and mother ensure the right latch every time the mother nurses her baby, it should be done. That alone helps avoid several problems later.
The nipple shield comes to the rescue in case of flat or cracked nipples. It is basically a nipple-shaped sheath made of soft, flexible silicone, worn over the aureola and nipple during breastfeeding, Prenatal experts recommend that nipple shield should be used only until the sores cure, post which the baby should be nursed normally.  

One of the options in the market is Morisons Baby Dreams silicone nipple shield, whose shape resembles the human anatomy allowing maximum skin contact between mother and baby. Being BPA free, it is safe too. 

You could also use lanolin, a safe natural product, on the nipples after breastfeeding, as a remedy for cracked nipples. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and need not be washed with soap as it is safe for baby.


Washable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads or Breast pads could be useful if you lactate often even at times when your baby is not feeding, and feel uncomfortable due to the constant wetness. Look for breathable pads which ensure proper air circulation, so that you don’t feel too stuffy. Morisons Baby Dreams washable nursing pads, for example, are made of pure cotton that quickly absorbs moisture from the breast milk leakage, thus ensuring that you feel dry and comfortable. 

Feeding Pillow

A soft feeding pillow is a boon for all nursing mothers. Be warned of a possibility of back pain in those months when you nurse 12 times in a day, which results due to lack of back rest. This pillow elevates the level of the baby so that it can feed peacefully and allows you to correct your posture while resting your back comfortably. It can also be used for tummy time and while helping your baby to sit with support.

While you are looking at buying one, you may want to consider Morisons Baby Dreams Feeding pillow, whose unique C-shape makes it a comfort fit for you and your baby. 

Diaper Bag:

There’s practically no mum who doesn’t need a diaper bag, especially if she’s stepping out of the house for a couple of hours. It’s a much needed accessory to carry diapers, wipes, a diaper rash cream, a packet to dispose the soiled diaper among others. So you should look for something which is comfortable to carry, the pockets must be easily accessible for quick removal and placement of things (with a baby on one hand :-)), preferably water resistant so that it can be cleaned easily and often, and one which looks smart too so that you don’t miss your usual chic, pre-mommy bags!

Options for diaper bags are many in the market, but the Morisons Baby Dreams Diaper Bag might draw your attention. Check it out! 


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