Pssst! Simple tips to protect hair and skin from Holi colours you must know of

Pssst! Simple tips to protect hair and skin from Holi colours you must know of

Dressing up to play Holi is a ritual by itself for us women. We begin with oiling ourselves from top to toe to shield our hair, skin and nails. Then we carefully choose the right Holi wardrobe and finally, pray that all the colour gets successfully washed off post the revelry.


Harsh chemicals in non-organic Holi colours can cause a lot of damage to our skin and hair. The best way to minimize the extent of damage lies with how we deal with the colours when we wash them off. Here are some expert backed tips that tell you how to bid those Holi colours a  smooth goodbye once the festival is over.

Tips to protect hair and skin from Holi colours


We begin with the basics, here. Old clothes (or clothes we secretly don’t like and want to dispose) mark their presence during Holi. So whatever you choose, make sure they’re cotton garments and cover you till your wrists and ankles. Cotton to allow your skin to breathe under the water avalanche and full sleeves to protect your skin from the colours as much as possible.



Oiling before you step out into the madness of the festival is a must. Coconut or olive oil provides maximum protection from any particulates. “Apply the oil to your hair but not much on the roots as the colour sticks onto the scalp and is difficult to wash off,” says Dr Sonal Ahuja, Dermatologist, Aksh Jyot Clinic, Navi Mumbai. Tie your hair up in a bun or braid once you oil so that the colour doesn’t sneak into your tresses. You can apply petroleum jelly and sunscreen on your skin and nails for extra protection as well. 


Washing up

This is crucial. Firstly, run some lukewarm or cold water over your hair and body to wash off any excess colour. Using hot water can dry your skin and irritate it further. Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo gently and then condition it after. Do not repeatedly wash or rub your hair as this will strip it off the moisture. Use a mild soap-free body milk to cleanse your skin and moisturize it once you pat dry it. Leave out the loofah. 


Home remedies

Some natural remedies from the kitchen double up as effective skin cleansers.

  • A mixture of chickpea flour (besan) and curd can be used provided the flour is not coarse. 
  • Fenugreek (methi) powder mixed with curd can be applied to the hair and then washed off for softness.
  • Adding lemon juice to the above mixtures makes the cleansing process further effective.

If traces of colour still remain, do not stress. Oil and wash the area again but do not be harsh or too frequent. Applying nail polish remover or any other chemical in an attempt to remove the stain must be avoided. Contact your doctor if you experience any allergies or discomfort on your skin. 

Some areas such as nails, if stained, may take time to lose the colour, but, “the colour eventually wears out and should not harm you,” informs Dr Ahuja. 

Let’s welcome some warmth into our lives with the festival of colours. Happy Holi!

To make natural colors at home this year, click here

Source for banner image: Winnipeg Free Press/Rajanish Kakade

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