You Need to Lose Weight …!

You Need to Lose Weight …!

‘You Need to lose weight!’…. They said!

‘Watch me be beautiful without it!’... I said!

Ever since the first of my memories, I have been a chubby girl. And well...for a major part of my life I was convinced that I just did not have it in me - I wasn’t pretty enough!

I lose weight, I put it back on ... And that cycle, I’m sure is going to continue for as long as I’m going to exist.


After my twins were born, my body worsened even more… after all, the bad things we hear about pregnancy doing to your body were true! 
That’s where I decided, that no one is going to tell me I don’t have it in me,  just because I have an extra weight. Beauty definitions had to change at least for me, if not for anyone else! 

I made conscious efforts to take my body positively, because if I didn’t love Honey, no one else would!

I’m not saying you should be OK with being  Large and that you shouldn’t exercise – I just want to say that everyone has a body type – look at Sonakshi Sinha, Rani Mukerjee and Katrina Kaif…. Can they all come down to the same body size ever?? You know the answer.


I knew that as long as I was fit – I had no bone or back aches, I could work with great speed, my immunity was fine, I did not have any unhealthy eating patterns, I consumed enough water and I managed some bit of a working out and a non sedentary lifestyle (read running behind my twin tornadoes), I think it was all good for me!


We, as plus size ladies, are so convinced of looking boring that we stop making efforts to feel good and deck up before we go out. That had to change!

Wherever I went, I made sure I make myself look presentable. Gradually my confidence became my power. Meeting people became less embarrassing because of all the people, I wasn’t scrutinizing myself. It didn’t make a difference to me if everyone else was in short dresses and I was in a saree, or if I was the chubbiest of women in any of my group pictures. 


What did matter was that I had the broadest smile, that I was one of the happiest people around!

One change in the way I thought about myself got me so many compliments from people. They knew I was confident and Fun to be with, they knew my talents and they knew how pretty I was! Being Large was not a curse to me anymore!

You, my dear, are a lot more than just a shooting number on the weighing scale… and the first person to accept you should always be your own self. People will always comment and try to make fun of you… learn to take that with a pinch of salt (or a sack of salt if that’s the case) and MOVE ON! 

There’s a lot more to your life than just your size. Be Fit and healthy… be confident of yourself, for these things will take you places. Attempt to be active and exercise regularly, instead of just aiming to be a lean stick.

Actresses are different people; don’t be too harsh on yourself trying to be like them. If your genes have gifted you a bigger body and tendency to gain weight, so be it! Never let go off your attempts to shed that extra weight, but don’t lose heart over it.

No Matter what, You are beautiful …Don’t let anyone else (including yourself) convince you otherwise!



All pictures in this article are original and belong to the author. 

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