6 Must-have baby’s travel gear that could be lifesaving!

6 Must-have baby’s travel gear that could be lifesaving!

20 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read

Prachi Arora

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Whether you are travelling to your mother’s house or to the nearest grocery store or are off for a vacation, having the right baby travel gear can be life saving! As a travel gear not only comforts your baby, but keeps him/her safe too. Based on my experience and research, I have put together this list of must-have travel gear which must be on your check-list before you step out of your homes.

Portable Cot

Known as a Pack-N_Play crib too, a classic gear which allows you to put your baby to sleep anywhere you want. Moreover, it’s portable, broken down or gets assembled easily and can fit into your car trunk too. So this time, do carry this portable cot with you and make your  baby’s sleeping time tranquil.


Umbrella Buggy

This one is my personal favourite, for its amazing features – simple to fold, you can tote it like a bag, easy to transport, light on the pocket. It’s also best proven for the adventurous tots who love to explore the world while sitting up straight. Don’t wait to include this in your list!

Source: amazon.com


Baby Carrier Sling

Imagine a trip wherein you are carrying your baby, but your hands are free and your baby is still happy! No, No, I’m not joking, it’s very much possible with babywearing. It’s super light in weight, need only one jacket space in your suitcase and a perfect gear to keep your baby cozy and close. Most importantly, you can wear this sling with kids up to four years. There are many options here, so do your research well.



Portable High Chair

Whenever I visit a restaurant, I always look for a high chair first and then the menu. But in every restaurant, you can’t get the high chair or a high chair to your specifications. That can be too high or too low or will have no harness at all. For such situations always carry a portable high chair with you, so that not only you, but your baby can also have a comfortable meal. In a portable high chair, always look for these two features – quick folding and unfolding and five-point or three-point safety harnesses.


Carry Cot cum Car Seat:

Everyone wants a safe trip! But how can you have one when your baby is moving in your moving car.A baby car seat is an ideal travel gear to keep your little one safe and sound. For parents who have tots up to two years, carrying a cot cum car seat is a boon. This car seat lets you transfer your sleeping baby from a car to room without disturbing his/her sleep. Trust me, it’s a worthy investment to make.


Snack and Play Tray 

To keep your kid engaged and entertained during the travel, you always take along so many games and activities. But, I am sure you have felt the need for a tray or a platform where your kid can put all his stuff and can play peacefully. So, why not buy a snack and play tray for your little one, to keep him/her engaged for hours without any clutter!

Source: walmart.com



These should suffice for a road-trip, air travel and every-day use. Go ahead and plan your next hassle free vacation!

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