Frugal Holi Games with A Twist!

Frugal Holi Games with A Twist!

Holi has been the vibrant festival of colours and loads of gaiety all over the world. It brings with it the mood for masti and all things messy! Just as colour is quintessential to the celebration of Holi, so is water! There is no Holi complete without this element. I, for one, belong to that spectrum of Holi aficionados who isn’t a big fan of colours. But I am a sucker for the water!


Since I love the water wali Holi, this year I want to notch up the fun factor in Holi and go beyond the regular water filled balloon blasts.  Also, since there are a lot of kids joining the celebrations, I reckon, a little organized fun is in order.  Besides notching up the fun element, I am also pointing the arrow towards reaping some learning benefits without stealing the fun component away.  

1. Coloured balloons in a pool of water. My toddler is learning about colours and my older one is attempting to distinguish between primary and secondary colours. So I am very excited about doing this.  I am going to use some basic water colours for this activity.  Bursting the balloons with the hands is a great motor exercise for the kids. The multi-coloured balloons and the mixing of coloured water into plain water is a great way to discover colour mixing. This will make a dynamic  sensory experience for kids of all ages. 




2. This one stems from our love for showers and the rain dances organized on the occasion of Holi. So this year, we are going to do this DIY water sprinkler and have our own Holi dance! It is also a great opportunity to teach our son the value of re-cycling.  Now all that one needs is a sturdy bottle from the trash, an adult with a drill (don’t let the kids do this alone) say with a drill, some sturdy duct tape and a hose.  Your very own DIY Water Hose Sprinkler is ready in minutes.




3. Whoever could think of this! This is a fantastic activity for eye hand co-ordination and concentration. This will work very well towards the latter part of the celebrations when the kids are in need of some down time. It’s calming and will surely help the kids to relax. Make a contest out of it, involve adults and it is a great family time activity. 


4. I have a bunch of boys between the ages of 4-8 coming over this year! So needless to say, we are going to need some serious fun play. I am going to string huge coloured water filled balloons on a clothes line and have the kids participate in teams.  The main aim of this game is to channelize kinetic energy into productive play as opposed to purposeless running around. It is a great activity for development of arm muscle strength and larger muscles of the body.

Source: sister-dipity


5. The idea of splat painting has always intrigued me. It is on the same lines as a balloon fight. But with younger kids around, rowdy balloon fights worry me. In this game, the sheet gets the hit and what is resultant is a beautiful splat painting. It is a great gross motor activity and helps the child’s perception of space and speed.  


Source: Time For Play


Have fun with your kids! Happy Holi!

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