Excerpts of LiveChat with Khyati: Mom-Baby nutrition: Part IV

Excerpts of LiveChat with Khyati: Mom-Baby nutrition: Part IV

30 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Q. How to manage baby’s food while travelling abroad? any tips?

A. Here is what we can do – carry formula milk, cerelac while on flight etc for a short while then switch to fruits, home-made cerelac and fresh, well-cooked hygienic options available there. 

Please ensure you make cookies at home but never allow the child to have biscuits.


Q. My daughter just turned 5 a week ago. She had lots of lice that she picked up from school but at home we are taking atmost care. She has reasonably long hair for her age but we cut it a little to control the lice. Lately I realized that her hair is falling. When I comb her hair, lot of hair comes on the comb. Also, when I pull a pin out, hair also comes out. I felt it is a little unusual for a 5yr old to loose hair. I am so worried. Please help regarding this.

A. It can be seasonal, some infection or then yes a deficiency of biotin (a protein). A. You will need a trichologist to confirm if deficiency is causing that. Once confirmed, I shall help you.


Q. Does eating lot of ghee post-delivery help in recovery faster? I refrained from eating ghee and now if I have body ache or feel tired, elders in the family say, “Ghee nahi khaya delivery ke baad, toh bodyache toh hoga hi”. How true it is?

A. If that was the case, mommies from all over the world would be eating just ghee. Our grannies did a lot of physical work – cleaning, filling water, and a lot of hard maual labour. They needed the ghee – we don’t need it as much as them, so we should ensure we add wholesome foods rich in nutrients like protein and good fats.


Q. What food I can give to my 2.5-year-old kid for his overall growth. I gave him some fruits and veggies like carrots, beans, gourd, apple, banana. What else can I give him or something like pediasure if it’s okay to give that. His weight and height is average. My height is not good so much worried.

A. Please check the fat content of such supplements – they will make your kid rounder, not healthier. And as I mentioned earlier – fruits and vegetables need to be handled with care or, the kid develops a hatred towards them later.


Q. If my baby doesn’t pass motion a day, is it a sign of constipation? She is 1+.

A. Stools passed within 72 hours in adults is considered ok. In kids, anything between 24 to 48 hours, we should not panic. Do look for bloated tummy and in that case, you must consult a paediatrician.

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