Excerpts of LiveChat with Dr Anupam Sibal: All about your Child’s Health

Excerpts of LiveChat with Dr Anupam Sibal: All about your Child’s Health

Q. Can you please suggest what’s the right age to send the child to play school?

A. 2 to 2.5 years


Q. My baby is 11 months old, shows good sign of development but only issue is he doesn't like to eat solid food and milk seems to be insufficient that makes him get up or cry at least thrice during night for milk?

A. Don’t get stressed. Keep trying but don’t force feed.


Q. I have 2 kids - 5 years and 1-year-old - older one likes to hit his head on floor or wall, hurting himself and now younger one imitates that hurts and is not good for him as well, what should I do when older one doesn't listen at all?

A. A paediatrician needs to assess why your 5 years old likes to bang his head on the floor.


Q. How good is giving powdered cornflakes to a nine-month baby? 

A. Not sure if your 9 month old needs corn flakes.


Q. My son is 4 years old and he has Adenoid. In a maximum of every 15 days, he suffers from cold and cough due to which he has started hearing less. All tests done regarding hearing loss but fluid is there in both ears. Please suggest what I should do for regular cold and cough.

A. He needs an evaluation for the removal of adenoids


Q (continued). But isn't he too small for a surgery?

A. The X-rays will help make that decision along with the history.


Q. My baby burnt herself with steam and had a pea size blister on her index finger next morning. Should I consult a doc or will it be okay in a few days?

A. If the blister is tiny, you needn't do anything. Apply silverex ointment thrice a day for 3 days.


Q. My son is 1.3 years, his birth weight was 3 kg and he has always been lagging behind in weight. He is always 2 kg less than ideal weight, his doc told me to give him a hunger booster but he is still lagging behind. He has also suggested Nizodine as a de-worming but I’m so afraid to give it to him as he starts getting loose motions with the slightest change in medication. Please advise. 

A. Nizonide might help. 


Q. Dr. At what age is it safe to take children to cinema hall? Is it safe for their ears?

A. A cinema perhaps at 5.

Q. My son’s height is 98 cms at the age of 4 yrs. I am quite worried.

A. 98 cm is fine

Q. I have a soon-to-be 3 year old and give her Pediasure with milk. Off late, I have been hearing a lot against these supplements. How safe or preferred are they really? 

A. This is a safe supplement.

Q. What is the reason behind not giving honey to babies till 1 year? And does rubbing honey on gums soothes babies gum irritation?

A. There is a risk of contamination.


Q. What is the right age to start introducing alphabets to children?  

A. If he is gaining weight, the amount is not important. Leave it to the play school.


Q. My 10 weeks old baby is suffering from silent reflux. Should we give medicines or wait for some time?

A. He needs to be on anti-reflux medication

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