Turning your Baby’s First Haircut from Hair-Raising to a Happy One!

Turning your Baby’s First Haircut from Hair-Raising to a Happy One!

3 Apr 2016 | 4 min Read

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Your baby’s first haircut is a milestone to be cherished for sure! While you want it to be a special moment, your, otherwise cheerful, toddler may burst into tears at the very sight of a pair of scissors! While it is true that some children never like the hair cut experience till they grow out of their toddler years, majority outgrow their fear if they have a good experience the first time.  

Here are a few tips to make it a memorable one! 

Prepare your child in advance

One of the most common reasons for children to cry during the first hair cut is the process of going through an unfamiliar experience for the first time. You can minimise it to a large extent by talking to him or her a week before the planned haircut. Doing a role play with toy scissors may be a good idea for making your child comfortable with the process and explaining that a haircut does not hurt.  


Plan the day

The easiest way to make it a happy experience is to create a happy memory around your baby’s first haircut. Plan a treat like an ice-cream or a doughnut before the haircut and a post hair cut visit to his or her favourite park or play area. This will make your child look forward to the next haircut.

Carry a change of clothes

Many children dislike wearing the capes during their first haircuts. In such cases, the stylist will have to do the haircut without a cape, which in turn will cause the hair to stick to the skin as it falls, especially around the neck. This may irritate your child quite a bit. It is always advisable to carry an extra pair of clothes for him/her to change into so that he/she’s not irritable till you go back and give him/her a bath.  


Check for a kids only salon

While many adult salons do offer haircuts for children, the look, feel and background noise of hairdryers may scare your baby during the first visit. Check if your city has a kids’ salon. They usually have child friendly environment with bright décor, toys, entertainment and more importantly trained stylists that are used to handling little children with oodles of patience and a smile! 


Time it right

Observe your child’s daily cycle to check when he/she is most cheerful. Most children get crankier before nap or food time so plan the haircut after the baby is well fed and rested. Carry his favourite toy and a chocolate as a distraction or incentive. 


Remember crying is natural 

If your child still fusses and cries, despite your best efforts, remember crying is only natural. Many children get over it as soon as it finishes.  Avoid giving a break as he or she will feel more annoyed when the stylist resumes the haircut. Ensure that your baby is safe and let the stylist finish the haircut. Use his favourite toy or cartoon as a distraction. Many get better over next couple of haircuts as they realise it doesn’t hurt and is harmless. It is advisable to stick to a regular hairstyle for the first time as it is quick and causes minimal discomfort to your little one.  


Capture the memory 

To make your baby’s first haircut an extra special one, do check for a first haircut certificate that some kids’ salons may offer. If not, don’t forget to capture the memory with a picture or a video of the haircut. You can even ask the stylist for a  small hair lock as a keepsake. 

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