Why Should You Attend a Prenatal Class?

While expecting, you probably have access to a lot of information on Pregnancy, Labor & Birth. You might also get to hear a lot of stories from family, friends and strangers too. Prenatal or Childbirth classes help you in sifting through this information, addresses your queries, and helps you prepare for labor, birthing and early parenthood.

A prenatal class also gives you hands-on practice. If you know what to expect from before, you are better prepared and less anxious, whether it is during the labor and birthing process, breastfeeding or taking care of your new born baby. The Childbirth class prepares you for it all.

Typically, an experienced prenatal instructor covers the following topics:

1. Prenatal and Postnatal Diet & Exercise: This helps the pregnant mother understand what to eat and what to avoid, the best time to start exercising, safe exercises during pregnancy and after delivery.

2. Learn all about Labor and Birth:
You will be made to understand the process of Labor, how it starts, when it starts, when you should go to the hospital, what should you carry in your hospital bag, stages of labor, how to best manage labor through Breathing and Relaxation. You will learn the exercises and positions to be done specifically during labor that help your baby line up with your pelvis, speed your labor and relieve pain. 

3. Medical Procedures and Interventions:
You will know your facts about inducing labor, and the difference between a vaginal birth and a caesarean birth (C- Sec). You may also be told about the pain relief options available and when to ask for them.

4. Breastfeeding:
This will be of most value after childbirth. You must know how to prepare for it before your delivery, how to establish breastfeeding as soon as your baby is born, how to help your baby latch properly, how to hold your baby, relaxing during breastfeeding, different positions for breastfeeding among others.

6. Basic care of your New born baby:
You will also be armed with the know how of postnatal baby care, what to shop for your newborn baby, vaccinations and an understanding of your baby’s needs.

7. Postnatal Mother care:
This covers Do’s & Don’ts in the postnatal period, dealing with postpartum depression, family planning options, getting back into shape and other measures that you need to take. 


Other benefits of attending a Childbirth class are:

1. It helps clear your doubts about your journey of pregnancy and childbirth and face your fears.
2. You meet and bond with other expecting couples.
3. You are able to discuss and share your feelings, anxieties with other mothers and the instructor.
4. Above all, the knowledge and hands-on experience you gain, lends you the confidence for a more satisfying childbirth experience.

Enjoy this beautiful journey, no matter how well you are prepared, birthing is full of surprises, so be ready to take it all in your stride positively.


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Aashi Nayyar

hi mam where are these classes conducted

Seema Kazi Rangnekar

I had conduct sessions in Juhu and Bandra. you can call me on 9821619718 for more information

Swati Shah

any centre at Delhi??

soniya khurana

hi mam, are you aware of any such classes in hyderabad?

Seema Kazi Rangnekar

I also have online sessions.

Sugandha Ahuja

Hi Seema. I want to know about the online classes.

Sana Gandhi

me too want to knw about online sessions

Fittobirth Seema

Please message me your email address and mobile numbers on 09821619718 or samabirthing@gmail.com. I will mail you all the details. thanks!

Sugandha Ahuja

Hi Ma'am. I want to know about online classes. can you plz guide me

Fittobirth Seema

Please message me your email address and mobile numbers on 09821619718 or samabirthing@gmail.com. I will mail you all the details. thanks!

Gurpreet Kaur

Hi mam i want to knw abt online classes

Fittobirth Seema

pls call me or email me. I will give you the details. thanks!

Sumaiya Thakur

mam r u conducting classes at seawood or nerul


any prenatal yoga classes at borivali or kandivali plz tell address

meenakshi kanojia

Helloo mam mera white discharge ho ra h mera 9 month start hua h

Divya Jose

When is the ideal time to start attending the classes? Second or third trimester?

Gayatri Thakur

Send me online session s links


mam plz send me ur online classes links..thnxx

Asmau Yushau

Is the online classes for free

Vinay Goyal

hello mam i want to know about online claases


Any center at Lucknow

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