Top Ten Summer Holiday Activities for Kids

Top Ten Summer Holiday Activities for Kids

With summer vacations approaching, you will find all kids getting excited and parents frantically looking for summer camps and activities. With my baby growing up each year, I would wonder how to make these days enjoyable and filled with memories. Here are some ideas for things to do in the summer holidays for kids.


Blow Bubbles

The universal truth is - all kids love bubbles. What better way to spend summer afternoons than blow some bubbles. If you have more than one kid, you can also organize a bubble blowing contest. For younger kids, who cannot blow bubbles on their own, you can use battery operated bubble blower. Enjoy the happiness on your child’s face. Be prepared for several repeats of this activity as kids don’t get bored of bubbles.
However, for this activity there are few things you need to keep in mind. Bubbles make the floor slippery. So ensure that you have skid proof mat or flooring where kids are playing. I have also made my son blow bubbles outside from the window. This way I can avoid the hassle of cleaning up later too.



Learn Some Musical Instrument

Music is a great healer and companion in our lives. Introduce Music in your child’s life . Teach them some musical instrument. If they are too young to learn some instrument, give them a toy option. More than one kid, make them play together in a band. Have a musical night in the family. Feeling more enthusiastic, invite friends and extended family. The options are unlimited.






Paint on the Wall

Painting on a large wall is so much more fun than painting in a drawing book. Just ask your child if he would like to paint on a wall and you see the thrill. You would be a great parent if you can give your child a wall to explore and express his imagination. Just get some child friendly paints and brushes and you are good to go. Okay there is an easier way to do this too. Let them paint the bathroom wall. Let them do it before their bath. Happy Mamma, Happy Kid. Just spray some water on the wall and it is as good as new, ready for fun for the next day.



Plant a Garden

Teach your child about plants. If you are blessed with a garden give him a small area, else give him atleast a pot. Help him plant a sapling. Teach him how to take care of it by watering daily.


Play Games Indoors

With the sun blazing outside, it gets difficult to keep an active child inside. He needs to expel his energy in some way. If not handled in time, it could result into a meltdown. The way out is you can play games like hide and seek or scavenger hunt inside the house. You can also have a picnic indoors. Once I had erected temporary tents in my living room and the amount of fun he had, the day is still etched in his memory.



Play Board Games or Play set

Help your child play with board games and play sets. Multiple Hot wheels track sets can be joined together. Doll houses can be used jointly with other toys. The options are unlimited. It can be a whole family get-together too. Great way to bond together.



Get Crafty 

Create small crafts with the child. Create a scrap book with your child on topics which the child finds interesting. This could be anything from Dinosaurs to cars to princess.

Role Play

Role play can keep your child engaged for hours. Dress them as their favourite character and enjoy the fun. A little pirate or a princess or a doctor could make the summer afternoon very entertaining.



Play with Water

Kids love water and it’s summer, after all! Let them play in water. Take them to a swimming pool or use an inflatable pool in your garden or balcony. You can also use a garden sprinkler. Water fight can be fun group activity for the kids. This would let them be cool and engaged.



Let them be

Amid summer camps, activity classes and planned activities at home, make sure that your child has enough time for himself. Let him learn to play on his own to develop skills and experience and learn. Let him learn to entertain himself. So basically let the child be. That’s learning too!



Most importantly, don’t miss out the precious bonding time that summer vacations give you! Have a great one this year with your kid.


For theme based activities, read: Ocean-themed activities, Animal- themed activities 

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